Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday!

Hey everyone! I am so so sorry about not having the pictures for my stuff on Black Friday's haul yet D: But, I am working on it. I seemed to have lost my cam D:

 So I am working on locating that. I will be taking pics with my iPhone, well, my dad's 4S because my 3GS isn't very capable of good photos with only 5mpx. xD But, I will tell you what I got!

There was a bedspread for 35 dollars (originally 80-90)! It's very chic, and reversible, it is blue, brown, and creme! SO pretty!

Also, a memory foam bath mat for my bathroom (originally 18, but I got it for around 10 or 12).

A printer for 49 (all in one, scanner, copier, printer), a pikachu backpack for 7 (normally 20-25), a waffle iron for 3 (normally 15)...then I went to Macys and got 500-thread count sheets (for 30, normally 150).

 Then I went to a shop called Deb (, and EVERYTHING was 50% off! So I bought a HUGE amount of socks, a pair of flats, and a dress...It was a great haul, so I will be posting pictures as soon as my dad lets me use his phone!

Stay Beautiful,

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