Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update 2012 and my first review ;D

Hey there lovely ladies (and gentle gents?)!

So happy new year to you all! I hope that all the parties you went to were fabulous!!

My own party was a bit lame (because there was no good drinks and not very interesting people.

Now, I am doin my first review today, so I am a bit nervous.

I can't wear falsies because I am allergic to the glue :/
Thus I have to deal with mascara

The mascara I got came in a "TeenVogue" gift set I bought the day after Christmas and it was cover girl lash perfection. And I thought to myself why not? I have used a lot of different mascaras!

So here I am, about a few weeks into the new year and I haven't tried it out yet, because I am in love with the Victoria Secret Mascara!

This morning,while putting my make in, I was choosing weather or not I was going to use the covergirl mascara and I got a text saying "I'm wearing my falsies, but I ran out of glue! Can I borrow yours?"
So I decided to wear my covergirl! So I put it on and WOW! It looks like falsies!

On clumping: 7/10 if you are careful, it shouldn't clump, if you are one of the girls that speed swipes, not the mascara for you

On volume: 8/10 I love it! I have such full voluptuous lashes! It's amazing! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br">
Overall effect: amazing! I am just loving the new mascara!

Now. As it comes to school, I am loving my novel class! I love to read so it is a good class.
Then in foods class, omg. Awesome! Our teacher talks like she's on love with teaching the class and it's amazing.
Statistics is going to kill me. I get nothing and we have a test on Friday (I need to study)
Science and band are the same. Boring :(
Psych is interesting to say the least
And personal finance is waaaay easy :3

So, I ask that you stay beautiful, lovelies!

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