Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ice Facial, new clothes, :)

Hello lovelies!

This is my second post in a month (aren't you proud ;D)!


I am here to say that I got some new clothes!

 Bought these tights (clearance <3)

leopard grey tights, darling~

My cousin bought me this, TRES cute!

Bought three shirts (Deadmau5, LadyGaga, and HK)

Can you believe THESE were THREE dollars!?!

Gotta have Skinnies!

With cute pockets!

OH MY GOD! Rhinestones baby! I fell in love with these skinnies (they were the most expensive pair I happened to buy)

Rhinestones on the ass :3

These flares are FABULOUS because I got a size ---- short! The pockets are bland so I might need to fix that :)

3 dollars for ALL the hair things!

Cute little HK charm, could NOT resist

Too cute feather earrings! HAD to buy them :D

Floral glasses, my cousin gave them to me :D

And Teal/Blue leg warmers! my cousin also gave them to me! Too cute to say no!

And I had my first ice facial! 
It was a jasmine green tea and cucumber facial with Omega-3 Acids! Oh, it was lovely. And it was homemade! I got the recipe from Michelle Phan on Youtube. It feels just SO wonderful!

I have to go to sleep, I will update on Saturday after my adventure to Whole Foods store!

Love you guys!

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