Saturday, March 24, 2012

Florida Pt.2

Hello, my lovelies!

So, as I was saying in my Florida Trip Pt. 1 post: I went to Florida for Spring Break for about 10 days!

I ended up buy shoes, and a garter belt!

The Garterbelt is a reversible black or leopard print garter and was only $19 at Victoria's Secret! <3

These shoes are to die for cute and just so comfy to walk in! I am kinda looking for a coord to wear with them (should've thought of that before :/)! They were just too cute to say no to!

My new blonde wig came in before I left! I put it in pigtails and it was SO cute looking! I might have to style it differently though :) It is a REALLY nice color!

I got to see some of my old friends! This is a guy I had been friends with since like, forever. He turned out rather attractive...but well...his face looks funny here but he is rather attractive...and so is some kid I also use to hang with, but I didn't get a pic of him! xD

My other friend (who isn't gal, sadly)! Her name is Rae! She and I are really good friends and practically sisters! I really missed her in the past 8 years I have been away from her and my guy friend!

This is a picture of a mini-tiara I bought while there! It was only 6.24 USD! It is a cute little comb tiara, too! So I can where it anywhere :3 I plan to debut it at school on my 18th Birthday!!!

Other than the dye on my neck xD I dyed my hair tri-color (pumpkin-blonde, purple, and my normal brown!) unfortunately, the Splat! Hairdye I used runs out very quickly in your hair! Speaking of hair, I plan to treat my hair right and not wash it everyday, when I do not wash it, I will be using a keratin infused dry shampoo!

My two friends, Rae taking a picture of Nathan with Nathan's Mom's cam! Which was a REALLY nice cam :)

And then I met this sweetheart! His name is Whiskers and he was such a sweetie! He loved me instantly! Unfortunately, he sort of hates my mom xD

Then when I came back, I got to go see The Hunger Games! I made my shirt and it says "I support District 12" and I saw it in Auditorium 12, too! It was awesome!

Well that's it for now my dears! Stay beautiful, my lovelies!

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