Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3 2012

Hello lovelies!

This is weekend was so amazing! I went down to the city, so I could help my cousin Emil with her style :3 Loved it! We are kind of help each other become better gyaru~

I went to a photoshoot on Saturday, with my blonde wig in tow and I got to see what might be my college campus in a little less that 5 months!

I found a store in the Delmar Loop (a popular place with lots of vintage shops, a comic store, restaurants, and a frozen yogurt place) called the Avalon Exchange! I found Coach heels (mint colored) for 20.50! And they have some nice wigs for about the same price (I have my eye on this pretty cocoa brown one).

I have also named my future pomeranian! It is a really long and obnoxious name, but I think she needs it because she will be pampered and groomed and be a snooty princess, with her own Tiara!
Her name will be: Princess Ginger Cocoa Delphia Ruffles Tellu I. Yeah, that is an obnoxious name!

And here is a mini review of the pore strips I have from Proactiv!

So, they come in a two peice set, with the solution (a clear liquid that is really runny and gross), and the strips themselves (the strips seems fairly large, so I might cut them in half next time).
You put the solution on the problem area (my nose because of blackheads, icky!) and then you take the strip and cover the solution covered area.
After that, you rub out the air bubbles under the strip! You wait 10-15 minutes (so the solution can dry).
I normally find that my strip feels like it is going to fall off so I rub it on to keep it. Then, after the 10-15 minutes, you pull it off (it is kind of really painful, like a 7 out of 10 pain). This might be gross, but it is really cool to see all the dirt on it because when you look in the mirror it is all clean and gorgeous!
I would give the Proactiv Pore Cleansing System a solid 8/10, simply because it really works, but it hurts so much TT__TT

Well, I will update again over the Easter Holiday!

Je Ne, and stay Beautiful lovelies

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