Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter and Facts on Foundation

Hey Lovelies!

It's me!! So Happy belated Easter to all of you (if you celebrate it), and Lent is over (at least I think that's how it works right?)

So I have been getting questions about my makeup habits recently and I think that I can tell you all my makeup secrets I have, okay not ALL of my secrets, but some of them!

So I will be starting off a small little series (my first blog series!) called Majestic Makeup! (I need a better 'M' word)

So starting with foundations!
I'm starting with foundation instead of cleanser and stuff because I use Proactiv, so it's kinda cut and dry for me (but if you want me to do it I will)!

The very first foundation I ever used was CoverGirl's "Clean" Oil-Control Pressed Powder (I have issues with oil in my skin) in Classic Ivory
It looks like this and is a compact (obviously) with mirror and powder poof.

And then as the pressed powder and my oily skin and acne decided to stop working together, I decided that I needed to use a fuller coverage, so I decided to start using the CoverGirl "Clean" Oil-control liquid. It was fantastic, on price and coverage. The price has gone up since when I used it, but that's okay. It is worth it.

Then, when I got into high school, I realized that my complexion was suffering because I just couldn't take all the late nights! It was awful! So I invested in the CoverGirl "FreshComplexion" concealer. It really made those dark circles go bye-bye! It is about 3 USD and really helps get rid of the worst of your complexion ickies!

Then as I grew out of the color, classic ivory, I went to a more "adult" liquid foundation. No, just kidding. I wanted to try out some other foundations to see if I was missing anything in the other competitors on the market. And I wasn't, but, This mousse foundation was great, superior coverage to my CoverGirl, but it made me breakout real bad.

Then I was at a dollar store and saw this brand, I decided "Why not?" It was a terrible idea! It broke me out and made my face sad. But, I have semi-sensitive skin, and it was harsh on my skin. So I stopped using it ASAP.

When I started Proactiv (in middle school), I didn't know they HAD a makeup line. I didn't even know what makeup was, but, ya know, I was a bit naive. So, when I got into high school, I was still using CoverGirl...or NYColor. One of those. When I got into my sophomore year, I discovered the Proactiv Makeup. It was love at first application...until the lightest color was too dark and gave me an orange tint. So I had to make a concoction using Proactiv and Covergirl to make my skintone.

Well, I used this when I was "testing out" foundations. This isn't the right one, but I can't find it. It was too dark for my face and it was just overall, a bad idea.

I used this for a while. I mean, a moisturizer AND minimum coverage? Perfect! I still use it, if I am on the go and don't have time to apply the product I use now. But, not everyone uses Proativ like I do. Did I mention it has SPF 15? It's good for your skin!

This is what I use now, along with Proactiv's Mineral Veil (loose powder). It love the coverage, and it doesn't break me out at all. And I think I am in love with this BB Cream. It also has SPF 25! Helps against wrinkles, and whitens! It is perfect for someone like me! I got mine off of Amazon because I was not aware that Skin79 had a footing in N. America. So I will be asking for tons of money in order to buy lots of BB Cream.

So, those are all the foundations I have tried. The foundation I am just practically DYING to try is the new Revlon (and the Maybelline) one that is in the can and its similar to an aerosol can. I think the Maybelline one is Dream Liquid and the Revlon one is called something Photogenic...Photoshopped.

The next "Majestic Makeup" is going to be on Eyeshadows! I will also be reviewing my new Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Gel in Tenacious Teal!

Je Ne, and Stay beautiful Lovelies!

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