Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hey there lovelies!

I went shopping yesterday (not really a shocker is it?)! So, I am gonna tell you ALL about the fabulous haul I got! I even bought hair dye!! Since, I needed to bleach out the purple from my Florida trip! >.> I also needed to get this done by May 3rd so my band director doesn't flip about the unnatural color in my hair.

ANYWAY, my hair WILL remain the blonde and brown mix. So on towards the haul!

I went to the St. Louis Mills Mall yesterday. It is like 3 miles of shopping mall. Hottopic, Forever 21, Charolette Russe, DEB, Marshalls, Old Navy, and several other shops reside there.

I found myself in Burlington Coat Factory lusting after the shoes I have been wanting off Rakuten for a while. Like literally, I was staring them right in the face, much like this O____O

Here they are! I took this on the ride home, as you can see our terrible weather (it actually HAILED in a consistent sheet of hail)! We thought my mom's car was gonna look like swiss cheese! But thank goodness it didn't, momma would've killed dad and I. ^^;;

But they have a heart heel and are more rokku than hime. So Ohmaigawsh love them!
Here they are in the front view. Black and snake-esque skin on them, but it's faux skin, I am sure its a pleather of some sort. Rhinestoned O-shape, and rhinestones off to the side of that. Very cute. Reminds me a bit of a D.I.A. belt xD

I look awful here, but I wasn't doing anything this Saturday, so it was my lazy day, and here is a dress we purchased! It is a cream colored lace, and deep brown/black buttons. So cute! I also bought a denim vest for 5USD to go with it! And the shoes are going to look fabulous together! I plan to post more pictures of my coords from now on xD

I bought this cute little dress and I plan to wear it with my Miss America White Wedges! I love them SO much!

These are them! I bought them when I went school shopping this past year! They are approx. 5in tall too! Yay!

This is one of the coords from...Wed? Maybe? I wore it with the Miss America wedges, and I had a Foods cooking lab, so my hair was in a ponytail (we have to have our hair pulled back, to keep it out of the food).

This is my hair on Monday, I used my triple barrel waver/curler, and you can sort of see the red in my hair. My bands have gotten long so I waved it to scoop them off to the side. This was taken on my bus, not sure if I am wearing make or not, I normally do that on the bus xD

And this would be my Day of Silence outfit. I sewed the shirt to be more form fitting from it's XXL and cut the shoulders off! It says "No H8" and "Day of Silence 4-20-2012" on the front. The back had a list of popular "out" celebs (which include Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch, and the singing duo Tegan and Sara).

That is about it for now!

Je Ne and stay beautiful,

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  1. I like all the stuff you bought especially the heels...
    Black is ok it will look stain-free forever hehehehe