Monday, April 16, 2012

Spirit and Eyeshadows!

Hello, lovlies!

So, this week is my school's Gay-Straight Alliance Spirit Week!

Monday: Purple Day (memory of the victims of suicide)
Tuesday: Sign the Pledge -Rainbow Ribbon Day- (An anti-hate pledge)
Wednesday: Professional Day (LGBTQ in the professional world)
Thursday: Rainbow Day (Wear ALL the rainbows!)
Friday: No H8 -Day of Silence- (We are all making No H8 shirts and wearing them)

In other news, today's Majestic Makeup is "Epic Eyeshadows!"

So I absolutely LOVE eyeshadows!
I have SO many!

So the first eyeshadow I EVER used was a light pink, it was CoverGirl (as was most of my make).

This was the second ever eyeshadow I ever used, it was 3USD and I decided it was the shit. So I started using it more. It is a cream/pencil and a shadow and liner duo, but I use it ALL the time, with the shadow side as a base and the liner side as a darker outer corner accent. It's lovely.

This is my favorite accent color at the moment! It is Maybelline Color Tattoo! This is the actual color I got called "tenacious teal!" It is a fabulous color to put on the lower lash's outer corner and the top outer lash's. It looks fantastic with light colors and it literally lasts ALL day!

This is the quad I use everyday for minimal makeup! It is called the NYC Custom Compact. It is based on eye color and comes in handy for those who don't know what eye shadow colors look best with their eyes! Greens, Blues, and Browns. They also have a "smokey" compact for each eye color! It comes complete with an illuminator (the white) and shadow primer (skin tone).

This is was one of my favorites! It came from claires and had like a shitton of colors for like 20 USD! It was perfect adn you could do smokey eyes, brights, rainbows, etc!

This brand is my most current fave! It is from the beauty store ulta and is totes pigmented! I think the shade pictured here is Green Machine (with shimmers in it). It is like a nice christmas pine green and looks good around christmas with the shade Cherry Bomb (which is a red)! And on they ALWAYS have a buy 2 get 2 free deal, so like, you spend half as much as you normally would for the 7USD shadow. But for 7USD this shadow is pigmented so nicely.

Well that seems to be it, those are the really the only shadows I use.

Je ne and stay beautiful my lovelies,

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