Sunday, May 13, 2012

Prom and the last of my birthday money D:

Hey lovelies!!

How is everyone? My prom was Saturday (May 12)! I went by myself, guys in my school think it is SO weird to dress gal -psh, really?-

But I believe I have posted a few pictures of my dress, and I wanted to post a few of the whole Prom!

So, our theme was "Red Carpet Romance." I didn't like the theme, but you know, whatever! xD

My friend Dara and I

Then across from me was my friend Dan, and his date Brinna (pronounced as Brenna)! Her dress was SO lovely!

Then everyone decided to try and balance the dessert spoons on their noses at our table. We definitely had the weirdest table at prom, but, you know it was fun! :) Lyssa here was the only one capable of actually balancing it on her nose!

Then I had to get a picture with Brinna and Dan. It was awesome watching Dan and Dara's beau, Eric, dance later in the night! The girl that keeps photobombing is Haley. She is a great girl and her dress was lovely!

Cutest couple at prom, at least I think so! They were cute and stuff.

I felt SO bad for Brinna here! Someone stepped on her dress! We were going to pin it, then I had the genius idea "HEY GUYS! Let's tie it into the corsetting! It will stay up!" Best idea! xD

Then after prom we all decided to go to Eric's (he's the second one in on the left) and watch Legend of Korra.

Then with the last 13 USD of my birthday money, I bought an ear cuff and ring. I though it would go good with my rokku coords!

So yeah! That was the Senior-Junior Prom for 2012! It was a LOT of fun. And Hanging out with everyone was great and I just loved it.

Stay beautiful lovelies!
Je ne,

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