Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Playstation E3: 2012

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I hope I have some guy followers or this is going to be a bit awkward xD
I am going to be doing my E3 blog.

I am currently watching the Playstation conference so I will start there

It's starting off with rap/dubstep music and cool screen work with it as well
And we see a picture of a vita and PS3, and a PS+ screen

My PlayStation predictions were God of War, DmC, some Lollipop Chainsaw, and more Vita games. I am hoping they make so jokes about the PSN going down xD and they address the security of it.

They introduced the CEO of Sony America and then the head cheese of Sony Company himself.

The CEO of Sony America gave his spiel.

They introduced David Cage of Quantic Dream, the makers of Heavy Rain. They are The producers of Kara.
They are introducing Beyond, with the tagline, "Two Souls."

A woman named Jody has always had a connection with "the other side" and talks about what could happen when you die.
They say that you will grow with the character, over about 15 years.

The girl, Jody will be played by Ellen Page, of Juno and Inception. The game is in real time.
The trailer starts off with an officer of the law attempting to get Jody to speak, yet she remains silent. The cup begins to rattle, and she opens her mouth, but it silent. There is a scar and the officer points it out and...the cup goes fly across the room into the wall!

The camera blurs and they begins to talk to what seems to be no one. Then a SWAT team breaks in? I am a bit confused....
Then it shows several action sequences and explosions! Probably a rated M game, seeing as though the character Jody drops a "Fuck" while threatening an officer.

The PS3 is in the 6 out of ten year life cycle. So there is another four years.
They spoke about the commercial where several PS characters toasted Michael a gamer.

Then The CEO announced PlayStation All-Stars, Battle Royale.
They are going to be demoing the cross platform playing. It all honesty, it looks like a PS version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
I am impressed by the cross-platform play. They also announced to secret characters, the thing from Bioshock (which i never played) and the guy from Uncharted? Max Payne? (I need to play more games like those -___-)

LBP2 gets a DLC for Vita and PS3, and will be able to use a Vita as a controller.
As of today, there are 1500 downloadable titles (my favorite being Persona 3 Portable and Final Fantasy VII).
New titles are going to be announced through out 2012. Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII will be coming to Vita this summer.
Also for Vita, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, it will be featuring the first female assassin, and the cross-play will be able to connect with PS3 Assassin's Creed III.

And then FarCry 3 was introduced into the Ubisoft Press Conference, but was a bit elaborated on it. They announced in the game there would be 4 player Co-Op.

Playstation had announced Book of Spells. A collaboration of J.K. Rowling and Sony!!!!! AHH! It is based off the Standard Book of Spells by Miranda Goshwich! You learn like a HOGWARTS STUDENt!! AHHHH!!!!!

That ends my E3, Playstation recap! Look for my youtube videos on Ubisoft, Ninetendo, and Xbox!

Stay Beautiful, keep gaming,

Je Ne,

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