Monday, July 9, 2012

Haul, July 4, Etc!

Hello my lovely readers! <3

I am so, so ,so SO sorry that my post is so so SO late D; I got super duper busy, and then this weekend I was spending time with family ^.^;;

This is my outfit from the 4th. It is a simple top with polka dot :3 and shorts, not to mention my wedges! <3

This is my outfit from Saturday when I went to the Delmar Loop! My shirt, does, indeed say "Keep Calm and Dubstep On." I love this shirt SO much! <3

I then went shopping that whole day. And I got some awesomely, awesome things! :D

This is one of the shirts that I had bought. Hello Kitty <3<3 SUPER cute!

THESE were my favorite buy of the Loop trip! They are PANDA CONVERSE!! AHH! I was SO excited. <3

THEN we went to the St. Louis Galleria. More shopping! <3

These were my FAVORITE buy! They are shredded and ripped, and blinged and studded! They are probably one of the most expensive pair of pants I own. Since I find myself at TJ Maxx for jeans xD But These were worth it!

I found this jewelry holder at my local mall. It was 2 USD, I chose S for Shimmer, or Sparkle! Because, ya know, I am so totes full of sparkle and shimmer!

I bought these lashes, and I do not really like these. They are really cheap looking. :(

OH MY GOD! These nails are SO cute and long! I love them. Since I am going to the gym tonight, I am going to see if I can go to WalMart and purchase some sticky tabs (and maybe more nails).

THIS is a peacock ring, because my last one disappeared TT__TT It made me a sad monkey D;

This is my new addition. It's a Bow ring! YAY! <3

This is my new belt! I bought this, because I have been LUSTING after this belt. It was not in my size at my local mall, so I bought it at the Galleria! <3

Then i found this gem at Hottopic! It was only 7.99, with 15% off. Man, that Hottopic+1 is fab. <3

I then bought this for 1USD at Forever 21! Black eyeshadow! Yay! I lost my old one, so I needed a new one! So, yeah!

THIS pair of boxers/shorts are awesome! They are pink with hearts and and....THE AVENGERS! <3 They say "I <3 Tough Guys" on them!! :3

And then I bought some items off Ebay recently.

I bought these extensions, in the straight model. I don't have any pictures yet, I need to uhm, fix my layers!

I also bought a ponytail extension, which should be here between this week and next week, I am SO excited!

Are they not pretty? They are so gorgie! And I am SO excited! I am going to practice on extending my eyes to make them bigger! Can anyone reccomend some eyelash glue that sticks awesomely!? Mine sucks, and I found out that I am NOT allergic to glue, I some in my eye... -___- yea, I fail sometimes.

I also bought some lower lashes! In F-09, as shown by the blue box! :)

I am loving the haul from this weekend! And July 4 was also fun, we went to my Dad's Boss's house! We ate ribs and chips, then we went home and crashed.

This weekend, we spent time with Emil, and my friend Megan. I also entered a model contest. For a "bowtique," called Milky Pop! Here is the info:

We needed to have a full body, a detail shot, and a shot of us being us.

This was my full body shot. I went with a more "decora-kei" style than gyaru! I thought it was more fun than the glam of gyaru, so I went with it.

This isn't the ACTUAL detail shot, but it shows my makeup. I love the jewels on my eyes. OMG! And my lip color is TO DIE FOR here!

So that is about it for this update. Thanks, guys!

Don't forget to stay beautiful!



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