Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31 2012

Hello, Lovlies!

So I have been busy and getting ready for college (meaning I have been cleaning out my room!). So I will be selling a bunch of stuff on Ebay in the next coming week or so. I will also be buying new clothes for school!
I totally have my eye on these plaid skinny jeans that are just CALLING my name <3

I have been getting into Kpop more recently. And I am REALLY obsessed with Mr. Simple by Super Junior , Fantastic Baby by Big Bang, 2NE1, and PSY's Gangnam Style. Kpop is just SO dancey! I will post some videos off the side of this post! I am currently learning 2NE1's I am the Best choreography and Gangnam Style's choreography as well!

So. For my wishlist for clothes is as follows:

I LOVE these jeans. I tried them on in the store and I fell in love with these pants. I want them. Now.

I Also want these. They are a replica of G-Dragon (Big Bang)'s safety pin earrings!

And these. Also a replica of one of Big Bang's memebers. That and they fit with the punk rock style I like <3

I also REALLY want a pair of these...I think they would look cute with tights and a black top in winter!

I need a nice pair of heels, and these are cute. Since I am going to St. Louis Fashion week this coming October, I really need a few nice outfits.

I have this delightful yellow and grey dress, but I don't have shoes for it so I am hoping for a pair of yellow shoes OR:

A pair of really cute gray ones. I am hoping to convince my parents to let me use the paypal account to order off of JustFab.com. They ARE doing a buy two for the price of one! So...why not.

I love BOTDF and I really love this top <3

I want SOMETHING with the Union Jack on it :/ But The last shirt I tried on with it on it...looked weird...

Deconstructed black skinny jeans. They look SO cute!

I need a new plaid skirt :/ Mine is getting REALLY frayed...and super short.

Acid washed Skinny jeans. I want these SO bad, I look pretty badass in light washed jeans.

I like rhinestones on my jeans...And I don't have a pair of black jeans yet.

I am either going to buy a pair of I am going to buy the studs myself and DIY it. I WANT a pair of studded shorts.

THESE are almost TOO cute to resist!

I also will be making a list of other things that I need/want for new clothes and accessories! <3

See you all on the new post of Falling In Love With Glitter!

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