Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello! Long time no see~

Hello, lovelies! It has been so, so long!

How are all of you?? So I have passed 1K followers (by a few!)!

Well, it has been a taxing month, with starting college and all! I have been so super darn busy!

Well, I have been meaning to make this post for about 2 weeks (when I got my room the way I wanted it) but couldn't find the time with homework, finding a job (that isn't an internship with no pay), and general busy-ness.

Even now, I am so tired, that all I want to do is sleep, but I am doing laundry and posting up to my blog! I am so tired and will not want to get up in the morning.

So I am about to show you some pictures of my dorm (Before I moved it around).

 This is from the door when you first walk in. That's my desk, dresser, tv, and part of my bed. This was taken the night I moved in, I believe.  As you can see, my room is very pink.

This is my bed and the walks with it. You can sort of see under my very zebra striped bed. There are boxes (a cardboard box of extra toiletries...including bath and body works scents, some VS perfume, extra shampoo, my hair mask, and my triple barrel curler; two clear boxes (one with panties, bras, socks and such...the other with shoes); and a bin full of school supplies.

My Dresser and minifridge. My Xbox is behind it (gamertag: StrangelyDia). Xander (my Xbox) serves as my DVD player and as it's actual purpose (my console platform). My TV does, in fact, have cable. It's odd, the news and local channels are all fuzzy, but Nick and stuff...and ESPN come in super clear...oh well. The minifridge and microwave are connected at the power when the micro is on, the fridge turns off and then they switch back. It is very odd.

My wardrobe/closet! Nice shirts to the left, underneath is towels and my nail polish box now lives there with two pairs of converse. Dresses are to the right (short ones that go to the knee). The top drawer is shorts and skirts, the bottom drawer is pants/jeans.

Then up above, there is food (along with rechargeable batteries and light bulbs).

Then I got bored and irritated by the layout. So my cousin came over to visit and we rearranged my room.

My desk made its way to the other wall, and now my fish resides on it. My bed is against the wall where the desk was.

That way, My white board is at my feet and I can see what is due. Also, my desk is easier to reach from the top of my bed. I also use the window sill has my dry erase marker home.

And here is the view from my door, this time, the updated one. My room is adorable and I love it! Now, I need to go switch my laundry over, there will be another post today! Since, well, I have no roommates to distract me!

I love you all! And in the mean time, go to my Youtube channel! I posted a "50 Shades of Grey" tag and a Dorm Room tour!

Love you all!

Remember: Stay Beautiful!


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