Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why my weekend sucked...and how it spread into Monday

Hello there lovelies!

So I was going to post on Sunday about my bad weekend. But I decided to wait till today. And that was bad, my weekend had spread into this week (Monday).

It all started on Friday. My friend had convinced me to go to the pool party downstairs, which was okay. Then she convinced me to go to a frat party with her. >.> I need to stop being so nice.

So I managed to shove my butt into some shorts and a shirt, I will post pics later, because I am sitting outside my English class waiting for 2pm so I can go to class and do not have my camera with me.

We went and I almost had a panic attack (secret anxiety of mine, I absolutely hate people touching my back if I don't know them) in the basement of the frat house where there were a lot of people. And I freaked, I basically almost ran some people over to get to the outside balcony.

A few minutes later my friends and I went back downstairs and she almost had a panic attack so we had to run up to the balcony to get air and chill.

We, the collective group who's car I rode in (we never drank, ergo, we were sober), decided that 1 am was late enough.

That night I went to bed around 3.

So here comes Saturday, and I have to wake up the earliest I have all week (my classes start at 11 or 2, depending on the day) at 8am.
We were going to the Festival of Nations, in Tower Grove. By Metro.

So we get on the train from the station near our residence hall. And to reassure myself, I ask "We are getting off at Grand Station, right?" Because it is a straight shot from there with the 70 bus.


We get off at central west end (by forest park) which in theory is 2.3miles away (according to Google maps). Because "That's what our directions say."

I have been down to the city multiple time and knew Grand had open the previous Monday (Aug 20), and I told them, "Well, forget the directions, trust me on this. Grand Station is the easiest way, we get on the 70 and it's literally a straight shot down grand."


We walked around the freaking central west end, because they were being stubborn. So I quit talking. Like, literally, when it came to directions, I refused to talk to them. "Are we going the right way?"

My response: "I don't have the directions."

See, I didn't get enough sleep, and I was hungry. Anyone who knows me, they know. If Nana doesn't have her food and enough sleep, she is a stark-raving unpleasant bitch (I think it's genetic, because most women in my family is like that).

So, as we continued on this adventure, and they got to see that part of St. Louis (AKA the bad part), and we managed to get dropped off at the botanical gardens....excuse me.

Behind the botanical gardens. Yeah, behind them.

So we get spit out at this weird entrance for Tower Grove (at this point we had walked about 1.4 miles, according to Google Maps around central west end). In turn got me all sorts of discombobulated, and I ended up leading us towards Kingshighway (wrong side of Tower Grove, and 2 miles from our destination).

By the time we got to the festival is was about 1130am (we left at 9) and walked about 5.4 miles (again, according to Google Maps).

In the end, two of them had to leave an hour later in order to get one of the girls to work. The other two stayed with me, and them Emil met up with us.

We all went back to the dorm and chilled after all this. And I now have a severely itchy blister on my heel.


Since I was the only one in my dorm room, I decided to clean the bathroom. Which was a mission accomplished. It was nice. I turned on my iHome and plugged in my phone. Listened to some Linkin Park, a bit of All-American rejects, and some Blink-182.

Then when that was finished, I decided, "Hey! Why not add my laundry into my chores today!"

I grabbed my laundry stuff (hamper and all) and made my descent into the laundry room (First floor) from fourth, taking the stairs because I need the exercise.

I put my first load in (I had divided it up by loads: blankets, white sheet and whites, darks, jeans, colors, underwear). I remembered that I wanted to try something in the little convience store (an all organic drink made from Mango Puree), so I went up there...forgetting my basket. When I had made it up the stairs and past the piano area, I remembered it. I thought "All it is is my hamper and should be fine."


I got my drink, made my way to the laundry area...

My laundry soap was gone. They left my hamper but took my soap. It was cheapo depot laundry soap. Like no joke, cheap stuff. Dollar Store brand laundry soap. And someone stole it.

I had to call my dad to buy me new stuff and waste about 5 dollars on the little one loads of stuff (downy, tide, bleach, and the such). I was so mad.

I finished all the laundry and was still livid with life. I made my way up stairs and into my room. I had math homework. It took me till two to do it all. 2am, not 2 pm.

I drifted off to sleep, in my clean blankets, happy I had accomplished stuff.


I woke up late.
1030 am is very late for someone who has class at 11. Especially if the water pressure sucks. So I managed to shower in 5 min (I probably had soap in my hair bc our shower sucks) and get dressed in 10. That's 1045. I need to leave at 1050 if I want to get to class at 1055.

But I needed to eat breakfast. So, I attempted to make a sandwhich. No. I was too late. I grabbed a banana.

1055 I am leaving the residence hall.

If you were to look at the res hall, you'd see a shoeless brunette running across campus.

1059, I reach the door to the class.

I realized, I don't have my think I was supposed to print out.


So at the end of that class, I walked back to the Pro Ho (dining palce/honors college) to print out my thing.

It take 20 min to print out 18 pages. -___-

And I guess that is it. That is my sucky weekend/monday.

I love you all,

Stay Beautiful,

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