Friday, September 21, 2012


Hi lovelies!

It has been a while (at least I think it has, though it has only been 4 days).

I am giving a small update on life and school and such, and what might be coming to this blog in the weeks to come!

So, school has been boring. Learning math and psych is icky! Well, no, psych is fun...math is gross.

Living in the dorm is okay, though I miss my dog so, so much!
This is my dog, on the day that I left for college, so she was sad.

I also miss my kitchen (the one here is so, so, so, SO nasty). And I want to I might do that this weekend while I am at home.

My mom's birthday is next week, along with my cousin's (they were born literally a day apart!). And I went out today and bought my mom her present (and I got my cousin's earlier this week).

I also decided that I need (like do or die need) to find SOMETHING that will clear my skin up!

So I decided to try The Body Shop's tea tree line.

I got the little "gift set" because I figured that they are about sample sized and this is just a trial run. So. Yeah. haha.

I will let you know how that goes. I also bought extensions recently (three, one to match the one I have and two straight ones).

Ugh, my skin! And my eyebrows! It's a wonder I don't have a significant other! D;

Oh...oops...that's a wig I stole from my cousin. ANYWAY, I think I might need to get a wig like that. It is SO cute!

Though you can obviously tell it was taken with my phone, those are the extensions I got (the straight ones)! I will post a picture tomorrow of the curly ones, since that is when I am wearing them.

And that is how long they are! And that is me! I lost weight!!! Look how thin I look <3

Orange wig! It is for an old OC (original character) named Ritsuka Constantine! And I might wear this one out and about...I like being a ginger...

Chocolate bar the size of my remote. Actually, it is a bit bigger than my remote. I was craving chocolate like nobody's business when I bought this.

And I leave you with a picture of my new hoodie and I! It has ears!!

Stay Beautiful,


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