Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pretty and Cute Review

Hey lovelies!

I got my shipment from Pretty and Cute September 14!

So, I have been using the products previously mentioned in my last post.

This is the skin79 Lipgloss mini. it comes on a keychain and is encased in a flower shell.

My thoughts on it:
Well, I love the idea of a mini lipgloss keychain, making it extremely portable. However, the color itself is not what I would like. It is more of a tint of color. But other than that, the consistency of it isn't the sticky lipgloss like a lot of others I have tried. There is a tiny mirror in the top, though it seems a bit pointless since it is an inch to an inch and a half in diameter. 

Overall, I would give the product a 7/10

This is the HolikaHolika Clearing Petit BB Cream with SPF 30PA++. I have never tried a HolikaHolika product and was very, very excited to be able to.

My thoughts:

Being a girl with problem skin, I was excited to try this product. I had only tried Skin79's Hot Pink Label and Americanized BB's. 
When I swatched it on my arm, it was a warmer tone than Skin79's Pink Label. I was a bit skeptical about this product, since everything I have used...BB wise, has broken me out worse than if I smeared oil all over my face and then pressed dirt in my pores. 
I enjoyed the consistency of this product, it is a bit creamier than the Hot Pink label and I love that it goes on smoothly. But while I love the consistency of it, the coverage is lacking in what I want in a BB. It is sort of sheer, at least I think it is. However, I will have to admit, my skin looks a bit better now that I have been using this product.

Overall, the HolikaHolika Petit BB scores an 8/10 with me.

The HolikaHolika Tea Tree Essence Mask:
This is the first time I have ever tried a sheet mask, since I am big into DIY masks and applying them myself.

When it comes to masks, this one disappointed me a bit. Though the smell is pleasant, and I found it nice. I did not like how wet it came out of the package. It was practically dripping and soggy and ran down my front. But, as I said, the smell was pleasant. 

It had a cooling sensation and was nice enough. I think if I had purchased more than one, it would actually help with my acne. I actually will purchase this again in the future.
Overall, I would give it a 9/10.

The Etude House Lemon Mask was another mask that I wanted to try. I have heard good things about Etude House and I really, really like masks.

My thoughts:
This was the second sheet mask I have ever tried. The scent reminded me of, well, lemon cakes and lemon pudding. It wasn't as wet as the HolikaHolika Tea Tree mask, but since I did not like the wetness of that one, I thought that this would be better. 
I was wrong. The lack of wetness on the mask made it harder for it to stick to my face, therefore not getting the full effect of the mask (I was having to rub on it to make it sit). 
If I were to pick between the two masks, this would not be a repurchase, I just did not like it that much. It was also a bit irritating to my skin. I broke out from it. But that might be the ingredients.

Overall, I would give this mask a 6/10.

Even with the products, since there were some I really liked, and some that did not stand up to par, I really liked Pretty and Cute! The shipping was super, duper fast! I ordered on Tuesday, it took a day to process...was shipped Wednesday, and it got here Friday! So, like, the shipping was wonderful.
In the box, it even came with a little sample of a Skin79's White line, though I cannot remember which one since it is in my skin care box. The pricing is reasonable as well, most masks are about 2USD and it goes from there. They even sell DollyWink products, though I wish they carried Diamond Lash...they do have Koji and some other Japanese, Korean, and their own lash brands!

If I had to rate Pretty and Cute's service, it would definitely be a 10/10! I love it, and they even have a rewards system!

Definitely check out Pretty and Cute!

Stay Beautiful!

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