Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Political Battleground!

Hey lovelies!

Okay. So This is a political blogpost! I just thought that this would needed to be said.

So, as of a bit past 11PM EDT (11:15), Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States of America.

I for one am happy about this because of my own moral beliefs. I guess I would be seen as a "Democrat" or "Liberal" by most, to the more conservative people I am "Socialist" or the more uneducated "Communist."

And within a half hour (or so), there was a FaceBook status that just made me angry.... more so that all the other ones I had seen.

This is just so ignorant to me. I mean, it is just... It makes me exceedingly pissed off. And I am never that mad. So, being the person I am about my beliefs, I decided to comment back, I had to defend the president and I just wanted to piss a few conservatives off, because, why not?

These were my responses. It is no little secret that the Romney/Ryan campaign wanted to cut the pell grant (which is what is helping pay for most of my college) and that he was not a fan of Planned Parenthood or women's rights.

But I though after all that... I had stated my opinion. Until this person's mom decided to comment about my comment (classic conservative response).

Now, I was a bit upset at this. So I went to defend my views (I am kinda opinionated).

See, this was a way for me to tell my view and why I believed what I did. I love that I can do that, protected by the constitution and such. I love that I can. So, using a nation that is seen as great and is one with universal healthcare, which was Britain. Also, allow me to point this out...


Now back to the argument. This woman decided to take petty stabs at the dental work of the British. I also want to point out that I am pretty sure that she was wrong on her information, because I have no idea what she was saying in the first sentence.

 ... I don't even know how to respond to this. I mean, I did respond to it... but I just couldn't think about it. I... where did cervical cancer come from?! Did I mention it above? No... so... okay whatever.

And I decided to go a different way, on if Romney had been elected. So after that I just went on about it. I mean, I got the Gardasil shot in middle school. It's three needles, one every two or three months.

Now, I decided to go down my FaceBook feed after starting this post and here is some more that I saw, and I was avoiding arguments by not commenting.

I just could not believe this one. I mean... really? This is so... It sucks to see someone say things like this. People just make me so angry.

This pissed me off too. I mean, out of all the things to come, you want to leech off the government? I mean this person says they have a job and they spend ridiculous amounts of money on things, like a pair of Beats headphones. That is enough for food money or rent. God. I just... I want to punch some people, ya know?

Oh.... sweet baby Jesus. This post made me want to stomp and kill some people. I mean, yes, they have their opinions and yes they can have them. But I mean, the comment that really pissed me off was the "She still needs to get a job. Since we don't qualify for grants. We are middle class after all." Uhm... I was talking about the pell grant, not all grants. You have to apply for other grants... not the pell grant. And yes, you are middle class, are you saying I am not middle class? You happened to have dropped your daughter off at my house for sleepovers and before band concerts several times in the last four years her and I have known each other. We lived like, five minutes apart from each other. I qualified for it... so I must not be middle class then. Well, I have been lied to my whole life then. Jesus... Conservatives, seriously, calm your tits.

I think that would be it. I mean, I just feel like I have proved my point here. Thank you for listening.
 Stay beautiful,

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