Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Plan of Action

Hey lovelies!

This is my 'plan of action' for the next few days....

Mission 1:

I have been way too sedentary the last few weeks (yet I haven't gained too much back). So I think I need to start taking walks in the mornings and nights. I also have a Yoga For Dummies and Ten Minute Tone-ups For Dummies that I can read and help me out there. I also need to reinstate my diet (veggies and fruits mainly) and drink more water. I also think vitamins are a must.

Mission 2:

My style has gone down hill. I need to work on it. I got some pieces I am loving and I also have some things I want to make cuter... I got my machine from my parents' house, so it will be easier. Come to think of it, I have a belt loop I need to stitch back on. I also need to hem all my sweats.

Mission 3:

Acne. I hate my face and this is the next order of business. I have to get rid of this stuff. And I am looking into some... other methods of controlling it. I need to go see a dermatologist. See what the professionals say.

Mission 4:

My productivity. I haven't done much this month (mainly the last few weeks). I feel like a limp noodle when it comes to things I have done. I did two reviews this month (one on the Holika Holika Petit BB and one on LUSH Cosmetics "Rose Queen" bath bomb). And that's all I did for December. i feel like I am slacking.

Mission 5:

Fashion designs and cosplay (yes I cosplay). I need to start cranking out designs. Or ideas for designs. I haven't designed a piece since early December and it is almost January. I have 3 costumes and two of those are the same character. Mitsuru Kirijo and Rise Kujikawa. I plan to have an OC done by Anime STL and an Alice costume for Natsu. I also plan to make 1 or 2 designs (like wearable) by the end of the semester.

Mission 6:

A job. I plan to get a job. I have been applying everywhere and my most recent is Dillards. I am scouring the job sites and craigslist. So... if there is anyone is Saint Louis that could, like, hire me... I have a fashion and makeup background!

That is about it for my 6 main missions. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are going into the new year with good intentions and faith! I also hope that the new year is wonderful! I will see you all either in a few days or after the new year!

Stay Beautiful,


Favorite Song of the moment: Stella by All Time Low

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