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DmC: Devil May Cry opinions and feelings

Hey lovlies!

This is my thoughts and such on the new DmC: Devil May Cry released January 15 2013!!!

Beware of some spoilers. *Spoiler Alert*

I have been a fan of the Capcom franchise of Devil May Cry for well over 8 years. The games were first released in October of 2001. The first Devil May Cry game featured a 25-ish demon hunter named Dante. He was a half-demon, half-human hybrid with a semi-sassy nature and no respect for authority, oh and he likes women. 

The opening scene of the very first game also featured his first female companion (though you don't realize this until later, named Trish. Trish is a demon clad only in a black leather corset and black leather pants with stupidly long blonde hair. She attacks Dante and tells him about the demon Mundus, the demon who killed his mother, Eva, and imprisoned his father, Sparda.
So basically, you follow this psychotic demoness to a secluded island... to a castle infested with demons to find this dude. In the end, you end up fighting a giant Sereph statue thing (that's what Mundus is in DMC1) and falling for a carbon copy of your mother (Trish looks exactly like Dante's mother, since she was made into the image of Eva). Then they end up becoming demon hunting partners.

The second game (though I haven't played much of it...because I hate the story line of it), was just boring. You break into a museum and you have to beat up some demons. Then this red haired chick shows up out of no where (her name is Lucia) and is like “Hey you should totally come to Dumary Island and meet my mother.” It is revealed that Matier (that's the mother) fought along with Sparda and asks Dante's help to fight this crazy demon trying to conquer the world and stuff. Later, after Dante leaves, they begin discussing the Arcana (artefacts that are needed to resurect a demon called Argosax) that this Arius guy (that's the crazy demon) need to resurect. So Lucia pretty much like, corners, Ariys and finds out he created her. Dun Dun DUN! Plot twist~! And basically all this shit goes down with Dante having to kill Arius or save Lucia (I woulda let her die). Dante interupts the imortality inducing ritsual that Arius is a part of and kills him. Lucia decides “Dante kill me so I won't become a demon!” and Dante can't decide because a demon portal opens up. He walks into the portal to defeat a kinda half alive Argosax. We don't know what happens to Dante. But Lucia lives.

Devil Mary Cry 3 is a prequel to the entire franchise. Now, Dante is show as maybe an 18-20 year old kid who is just setting up shop for demon hunting. A guy with a supremely f-ed up face comes in and is like “I have an invitation from your brother, blah blah blah -flips desk-” and leaves. A bunch of demons come and attack Dante. A giant tower pops out of the ground like a freaking daisy and Dante's like “LOL It's been a year since we last seen each other, huh, Vergil? Tee hee~” ...Okay, I might be exaggerating on what he says there, but the attitude is about the same. At some point you enter a strip club spin on a pole to kill demons (similar to in Lollipop Chainsaw) and then go about your business. The next few scenes is about a woman on a motorcycle (her name is Lady...well, Mary, but Dante calls her Lady. She's basically a demon-hunter as well, but she's a full fledged human with heterochromia (one blue eye, one red). Basically, Vergil is Dante's older twin brother. And you have to go up this entire tower to fight him at the top. 

Devil May Cry 4 was about a new protagonist named Nero and also Dante. Nero is basically, without a doubt the most annoying character in the series. In all honesty, I can't remember much about DMC 4. 

Now, in DmC: Devil May Cry you play as an 18-ish old Dante who has black hair and looks like a stereotypical emo/punk delinquent.  This game is rated M, like all of it's predecessors but it, as compared to the others(which for the first three were rated M for Blood, Suggestive Themes, and violence, 4 was rated for Blood, Language (there literally one 'shit'), sexual themes (the way Lady and Trish are dress), and Violence) it is a 'hard M' and literally a step away from 'A' (Adult). The whole reason I classified this as a 'hard M' is because of the themes in it. Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, and Strong Language are all the reasons it is an M. There are several ocassions in the game where these words are just thrown around for the effect of the game. These words (though they are not limited to): Fuck, shit, damn, whore, slut, and so on and so forth.

You first meet Dante at as he is at a strip club, and proceeds to have a threesome with two strippers. The next morning, he is awoken by his new female companion (though she is not at this time), Kat. Kat meets Dante while he is completely nude, and hungover.  

The main controversy over DmC was that for one, Dante has black hair and smokes. The next was that he was not the sassy asshole he once was... just an emo punk asshole. I was on the bandwagon on that, I will not lie. I actually got used to it and when the trailer for The Order came out, I had fallen for him. He maybe a huge ass, but it fits in with this new persona he has. He's had a lot of problems with his life, living in an orphanage and not knowing he was a Nephilim (Half-angel, half-demon hybrid). 

There are a huge amount of new characters (Mundus is now a bank named Kyle Rider, though it is a guise, Mundus' mistress Lilith, Kat, and Phineas, the prophet). While there are returning characters: Dante, being the protagonist, Vergil, being his twin brother, and their parents. The main thing I had a problem with was that Eva was no longer human and was now an angel, though that leads to some sweet ass weapons, like Osiris and Aquila (the scythe and ninja stars). I also appreciated the fact that you got to see how Dante and Vergil lived as kids and see them playing. 

The soundtrack, as I said in the last post, was amazing. I was in love with it. Combichrist was great and I really loved Noisia's compositions for the game as well. Lilith's Club is by far my favorite, with Mundus' theme being a very close second. When it comes to Combichrist's music, I really prefer Sent to Destroy... but What the Fuck is Wrong with You is another, not to mention Get Your Body Beat. 

I recently found out that you can listen to the Soundtrack by Noisia on Soundcloud (Here). And I assume you can find Combichrist's music on their SoundCloud as well (Here). 

Over all, My rating for the game is an 9/10. The gameplay is great, I love the violence, and the music really fits the game. While the name Mundus is not pronounced the way I would like and the whole 'Eva is an angel' thing is weird. I prefer this game to the classics. It has a better storyline and the graphics are a little less that desired. I recommend this game and I will be making a video on it soon.

I love you all!


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