Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gyaru Meet and Experimenting with Looks and Styles.

Hello, lovelies!

I posted my resolutions this passed week and I have been trying to stick to them!

So, Tuesday I posted my list of resolutions and promises. Wednesday was a chill day... and I mainly hung around the house and listened to Combichrist... and took a bath...

My kitty Ace wanted to play in my bathwater... it's green looking because I took a green tea bath... It was nice and relaxing. Except the cat that was like sitting there while I washed my face... I have a offbrand Clarsonic I use and it makes the vibrating noise, so the cat was like "O_O I must touch it!"

Yeah haha!

I also have been working on style, because I have been slacking. As for losing weight, I believe I have been walking everyday except the last 2 days. I was sort of busy, I rearranged my room at my cousins, to add more room and stuff. I also got my sewing machine from my parents (I have fixed holes in my shorts and added straps to a dress) I plan to get the pattern from my parent's house.

I experimented with VK and an orange wig I have. Except my makeup is more Gal than Vk...
This is basically is. It is a net shirt with a black tanktop (worn with my Lokisa cat eared hoodie and a Legend of Zelda beanie. I got the Large cross at a small store called Buckle (Here) while I got the longer cross necklace from an eBay store (Here). The eBay store has some really nice accessories for less that 5USD free shipping!

Within the next few weeks, as I gear up for an anime con I am going to... I am planning on looking into pricing a nose peircing. I have been wanting to get my nose pierced since my Sophomore or Junior year of high school. I plan on just a small little stud (nothing crazy like a septum).

I also plan on seeing how much it would cost to get another cartilage piercing. The first one I got was at Claire's... and it still hurts a little bit. I still haven't gotten an appointment for the dermatologist...

I have two new announcements as well! I am part of a J-Fashion circle! We are Bubble Pop! It contains 5 girls and a boy, though not everyone is a gyaru they are J-Fashion oriented... I am a co-leader with my cousin, Emil. As a second part of this announcement, we are having a J-fashion meet in the Delmar Loop of St. Louis! It is January 26! We will have not decided on a meeting place as of yet....

And I have entered a giveaway! It is Emi-Doll's Special Eye Circle Lens giveaway!
One winner gets 100$ giftcard and 5 get 40$! Check it out here!!

Have an awesome week!

Stay Beautiful,


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