Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Hello, lovlies!

Happy 2013! I hope you spent the New Year with people you loved.

I know I did. I spent it with my cousin, Emil, and my aunt Dianna.

This coming year (and spring semester) I have several 'resolutions.' I say 'resolutions' because they are more of a to do list and a list of promises than anything else.

I will break it up into different sections starting with 'school.'

School related:

  1. Set aside time for studying every week....no matter what.... without fail: This is a must! I may have studied last semester, but with the turn out of my classes, I need to do this. I have no choice.
  2. Turn everything in, no excuses: I missed some important deadlines last semester for essays, math homework.... Because they were online. I plan to use all my resources. I am implementing a planner (weekly/monthly and daily). And I am going to make sure my cousin is going to help me with this. 
Life Related:

  1. Get a job: I've had enough of this crap of not having money to spend and buy things (clothes, shoes, circle lenses... wigs and hairdye... eyebrow waxing, etc.) I need a job if I am going to continue my venture into gal and Japanese fashion. 
  2. Save up money: I want to live on my own! I want to have an apartment, I want to live in the city, I want to be independent (though I will probably have a roommate or two). I also want to go to California to go to Little Tokyo, I want to go to New York... and Japan... and South Korea! I want to travel! I have a lot of dreams that I need to save up for!
  3. Get a gym membership and actually go: This is a goal that I have sucked at for a long time. So, with the New Year (and hopefully a new Dia) I will get off my lazy butt and go for it. I have another 25 to go and I lost 20 in three months with little work, so hopefully with more work, I can kill those last 25 in less than 3 months!
  4. Fashion Designs: I have been mainly doing clothing alterations since I got my machine.., to get used to it. When I head back to my parent's on the 11-12 I plan to grab the pattern I have there and some fabric... so I can attempt to make something. 
 Health and Beauty Related:

  1. Acne: This stuff has plagued me me for years, since about the end of my freshman year. That's when I started gaining all the weight... so maybe it will reverse when I lose the rest of it. But either way, I need to get this under control.
  2. Dermotology: A major thing I still haven't gotten done (I haven't heard from my insurance yet) but needs to get done. I have to see what the damage of my skin is...
  3. Hair: I need to pick a hair color and stick with it. I am probably thinking of something similar to either Palty's Jewelry Ash or Beauty Mauve.
That's basically it... I guess... I need to get to work on all this. Hope you're 2013 is awesome!

Stay Beautiful!


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