Friday, January 18, 2013

Jan 18 2013: Outfits, Music, DmC

Hey lovlies!

I get to post some outfits!

This was in early last week or the week before. It was about 20-something degrees... and it started snowing really hard after I took this photo.

This is Tower Grove. It's really pretty in winter, it reminds me of Narnia.

Our cat, Yoru, seems to like me a lot recently. This is him on my lap, being a pain in the butt. I was writing my last post about self-harm and such... but he decided to plop on my lap. This was at the kitchen table. I love him though. He's awesome now a days because he's a Russian blue... so he has thick fur. He likes to sleep on my feet (nice and toasty).

And here he is. This was in the morning. I woke up and he was sitting there... staring at me. He is really weird. But he's a big sweetheart. He's actually napping on my feet as I type this. He really likes to be on my legs or between them...

I mentioned Ace in a previous post because he was drinking my bath water, but here are both of our boys, in the morning and between my legs.

This is an outfit I wore to the mall, the dress is from Forever 21, as are the tights. The shoes are from the Miss America collection and the cardigan is just something we had laying around.

This is an outfit I wore to the local anime club (Seibun 28)'s meeting. A cream and tan sweater, black and tan shirt, belt, and heels. The skirt is off brand, the sweater is offbrand. The purse was actually found at Goodwill (It looks like Liz Lisa to me!) and the heels are from Payless about...6 or 7 years ago.

I wore this to dinner at Panera with my family. All off brand. I got the cardi at this store called Rainbow in the Central West end for like... 7USD. The shoes are off this site called 4everfunky through (Here). The dress was at Burlington Coat Factory (which I am going to Saturday) and the purse was a Goodwill find. As for the leggings, they either came from Target or Walmart...

This is something I wore today. The dress is from a brand called.... But it was bought at a shop on S. Grand called Cheap Trx. They are a major support of Pridefest and they sell a bunch of punk and goth appearel (like a pair of pants that look like Nobu and Shin from Nana). My tights are a knit fabric from Forever 21 and the boots are from a shop called Deb (which I will also be going to this Saturday). I got the boots like... 3 or 4 years ago in my sophomore year...

I got my Rise Kujikawa costume on the 16th. I lost some serious weight... the skirt doesn't even stay up! I have to pin it at the back to year it. So....yeah. I still need to get her shoes though. They are general loafers, so I will be taking a trip to Goodwill.

Also, I thought I should introduce my favorite Purikura app! It's called SBYCamera! It has roller stamps and stickers! And glasses! I love, love it! I believe it was 2.99USD on the App Store.

And last of all, I would like to leave you with the song I have been addicted to all day. It's called Sent to Destroy by Combichrist. For those of you who are not aware, the new DmC: Devil May Cry came out on the 15th. Combichrist did most of the music for the commercials. Sent to Destroy was featured in the night) club trailer, shown at E3 2012, (Here) and their song Never Surrender was featured in the Captivate Trailer (Here). They are originally a Norwegian aggrotech (a type of Electro-industrial music. There are undertones of industrial, goth, and electronica. It's like if Marilyn Manson, Skrillex, Darude, and Breathe Carolina all had a love child... that's pretty much the sound).

I haven't really been a fan of aggrotech or industrial music for too, too long... maybe 5 years when I stumbled upon Porcelain and the Tramps (now Porcelain Black). Another song I can't seem to get enough of is Lilith's Club.

Noisia is the artist of this song. It is also from the DmC soundtrack. Okay, seriously, go buy the soundtrack! You can get it off iTunes, Amazon, and you can listen to it on Soundcloud. Noisia killed the soundtrack to this came. It is different from the original games because it's not all guitar and rock music... it is more similar to Aggrotech and dubstep (though dubstep is much more the term of what it is). So, go give it a listen.

And before I leave, I want to leave a few things here. You know it's making a splash when Forbes does an article on the soundtrack itself (DmC Forbes Article).

So I love you all!

Stay beautiful!


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