Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Semester at Uni! Classes and Things!

Hey lovlies!

Just a small update! It has to do with school!

So I started my second semester at Uni this week (on Tuesday the 22th, due to Martin Luther King Day on Monday). I am pretty excited for my classes and I seem to be okay with the homework. There is a lot of reading, due to the type of classes I am taking.

These are my classes for this semester. MW (That's Monday/Wednesday) I have one class at 12:30pm - Introduction to Gender Studies. It is a class that discusses gender (all five that are legally recognized, though there are more), women's rights, feminism, etc. It also talks about before the feminist movement.

My T/TH (Tuesday/Thursday) are my busiest days. At 11, I have Introduction to Western Art. It ranges 40,000 years from Mesopotamia to the 20th century in the US. Then I have 15 min to get food to eat and be back at 12:30pm for my Beginning Fiction Writing class. After that, I have about 15 minutes to screw around (which will either be getting a coffee or starting my reading assignments for fiction class... or doing other class work) before I got to Traditional Grammar at 2:00pm. At 3:15, I am allowed to go home and be a vegetable (yeah, I wish). I Then go home, get a snack, and start my gruelling work. I am typing this as a stack of Fiction Writing homework stares at me to read and annotate it. I hate annotating. It sucks.  Stupid English classes...

I want these. They're Kpop socks! There are more that I want (All of BigBang, 2NE1, SHINee, and Super Junior) but these are the ones I want the most. My cousin recently bought Doctor Who socks at Hot Topic. They had Daleks, the dog things, Tardis, and other things. I am currently wearing the dog ones. I love Doctor Who! But I am sort of new to the whole... Whovian universe. But I like it so far... David Tennant.... UNF! <3

I believe we just got to the Tenth Doctor's regeneration... or just passed it. We haven't gotten to Donna yet, though.

Another set of things I am currently craving are a spiked headband, gartered tights, and new extensions. I also want a pink curly wig to cosplay Reira from Nana. I got most of the outfit, except I can't figure out how to coordinate it. I am planning on wearing a mint shirt and jeans with black boots and a hat.

And before I leave, I thought I would leave you with a song I have been addicted to (aside from DmC's soundtrack).

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