Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Second Week of Spring Semester: Jan 29 2013

Hello Lovies!

How are you all? I am trying to update a little more frequently! That way I can transfer from Blogging to Vlogging and tutorials!

I seem to be lacking in what I write these days. But I am slowly figuring it out. I will be making a haul post soon.

I will be updating my Youtube(s). For those of you who don't know, I have a Gal channel and my vlog channel. My vlog channel has like, room tours and other stuff on it, while my gal channel will have gal related videos. Using the future perfect tense there haha! So it will mainly be outfit videos and closet/wardrobe stuff and hauls.

NanaRenBlog Channel

NanaRen Gal Channel

And since school is starting (or has started, that's a past tense there xD), and I have a lot of English classes, I found that I need flash card for various things (vocab is one, the other being tenses of grammar). So, instead of spending over 30USD on index cards and toting around HUNDREDS of index cards, I figured I would look up on the internet a flashcard maker. And I found one!

It's called 'Flashcard Machine' and you can make flashcards on it (I have like 46 on mine right now) and use them to study. You can even make it give you a quiz and stuff. It's like really convenient, too.  So the obvious question is: "What if I don't have a laptop to tote around," or "What if I don't want to tote my laptop with me all the time?" Easy. It has an app for Android and iOS! However, on Android Market/Google Play, it is like 2USD and it's free on iOS. So if you have an iPhone, it is totally worth it. And you can cross-platform it to your phone and download your cards to the app. So click HERE for the site. It's super useful! I recommend it!

More to come at a later date.
I love you all and stay beautiful!


P.S. Song I have been blasting in my headphones recently:

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