Monday, January 7, 2013

Self-harm and Marijuana vs Alcohol

Hey lovelies.

I just checked my twitter feed and saw some scary stuff on there.

Please don't read this if it could trigger you. This is a *TRIGGER WARNING* read this with a grain of salt.


It all started when I checked my Facebook feed today. You know, looking at Bubble Pop Gal-sa's page and stuff and went back to my news feed. What I saw there was this:

This is from a girl's TWITTER. It is under the hashtag 'cut4bieber' and 'cut4justin.'

These girls are 15-16 years old. And they are slitting their wrists for a wannabe rapper smoking weed. Which, by the way, is scientifically proven it isn't addictive.

There are people out there that are doing this strictly for retweets and attention... and then there are other people who do this because it is the only way out to them. It is a form of release. It makes them feel better... It is a way they can control their life and emotions.

And... mutilation is never ever the answer! This is never the answer to anything! Self-harm doesn't make you feel better, it could kill you. The girl above, her name is Brittany. She is 15.

This is another one. Not sure what her name is. But she is 'Justins Queen' as she proclaims. This isn't anywhere near as bad as the one above. But it is very disheartening to see this.  And it just continues and continues.

On an article I read about this disgusting topic, it said that 4chan (also known as the asshole of the internet) posters started this... this trends by posting fake pictures of mutilation and self-harm as a 'joke.' It was to see if followers of Bieber would do it. If there is one thing I can understand, it is that young girls at the age of 15 do anything for acceptance. They will do anything for someone they love, even if that person is an overrated popstar with no actual talent and he is a whole lotta autotune.

Here is from my Twitter page... this is wrong... so, so wrong. Why is it that Twitter is letting this happen? Can't they ban certain hashtags? Also, another thing that is bothering me about this: Where are the parents of this? What about friends that actually care? Why would someone let a person they love do this to themselves?

Of course, my cousin, Emil, brought up how when 'emo' was popular a few years back (the good days of music with Jimmy Eat World and New Found Glory... Dashboard Confessional... and any Fueled by Ramen band) that every kid that was classified as such was slitting their wrists and listening to other indie music. I will admit that I had a problem with harming from time to time when I was upset. I had one friend, Kim, who I mentioned in A Significant Moment in Time: Lunch Table, who helped me through any problems I had... she was always there.

Another friend I had let's call him B, who was suicidal for actual reasons and he would cut himself, though in places where we couldn't see. It grew to a time where it eventually snapped and he was sent to a psych ward. This happened a multitude of times in my middle school years, once at the end of 6th grade, once in 7th grade, and then again the middle of 8th grade. He was also having problems in the beginning of high school as well, I believe. I sort of lost track of him when I moved.

I lost where I was going with that. But the point is, no matter how hard it is. There is someone who is there for you. Don't let a hateful bunch (4chan) get you to do something because it's trending on twitter. Girls, let me tell you something I learned from a Youtuber named Luan Legacy.

Bitch, you are not that important.

In other words, Justin Bieber really shouldn't like, post stupid ass pictures of himself on anything about smoking weed. Or anything like that. The world will not end when he dies (though smoking weed doesn't kill you). Though, stupid decisions while high will. Of course, it would be highly morbid if I wished him to do something stupid. But, then again, weed is what is called a downer. It chills you the hell out. Psycologyical effects of marijuana are: Relaxation, distorted sensory perception, and paranoia. Also, dependency is considered low.

This is comparison to other drugs (for instance alcohol) where tolerance develops gradually which means you need more of it immediately, while marijuana is a low tolerance, meaning you need less of it to get high. Dependency for alcohol is moderate to high and the effects are about the same, except alcohol lowers inhibitions and doesn't cause paranoia or distorted sensory perceptions.

When it comes to in all seriousness, marijuana is definitely a lesser of two evils. Alcohol lowers inhabitants. In layman's terms, false bravado. It can help make a toast, but it has been shown to lead to automobile accidents, physical and sexual assault (that means rape), missing work and school, unplanned pregnancy, and due to unprotected sex, STDs (Sexual transmitted diseases).

Prime example: Imagine this. You're at a high school party and chilling with the football team, you are about 16 years old. It's summer and you are drinking. You're having fun. The next thing you know, you're waking up, you're sore and you can't remember much. You think you had sex. That's it.

Sounds like something out of a Degrassi episode on TeenNick, huh? Unfortunately, it happened to a 16 year old girl in an Ohio town not far from Pittsburg. Members of the Steubenville High School football team assaulted a very drunk girl. They raped a drunk girl.

And the excuse? 'My client is  in the picture, but he isn't in the video.' Uh, what? That is complete bullshit. That isn't an alibi. That is... that is stupid. The picture and video are referring to the hacker group Anonymous's post of a video of the alleged suspects talking about the assault. They are talking about it on video. And the picture of two alleged suspects carrying the victim by her wrists and ankles.

Okay, I am going to back up a bit. I also apologize for getting off subject. The girls in my first case, they need to make their own decisions and quit putting Bieber on a pedestal. He isn't God, he isn't Allah, he isn't Jesus... he isn't the Holy Spirit. He is not a deity nor an omnipresent entity. He is an 18 year old wannabe rapper. If anything, the only thing on his mind (besides weed) is sex and how to sell another billion albums... and maybe how to beat Psy's Gangnam Style out of the Youtube top of the charts.

When it comes to drugs, there are worse things that Beiber could do to his health (alcohol or stimulants are two of these).  It has also been seen with mega pop and rock stars that there is a high chance he will die or fall from grace. Case in point: Curt Cobain, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears....

As for the other case, the rape in Steubenville, if you dare say 'She's in shorts!' I will lose it. Rape is never the victim's fault and his solely at the fault of the aggressor. That will be another post.

Stay Beautiful,

You all are and never ever harm yourselves. It is never ever worth it.


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