Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day and A job

Hey lovlies! It's been so long! :(

How are you all? It's been forever and ever since my last update!
I got a JOB! At WalMart! ...So gyaru, right? Walmart. Well, it's a job <3 SO far I have made about 78USD! Yay! I work again tonight... I work the register, though I haven't had any up front training... yet. I am doing that tonight, shadowing and stuff. On the upside, my dress code is khakis and navy blue (Which, might I just say, look nice together). I actually bought my first set of work clothes from the GoodWill next to the loft my cousin and I are house sitting. The sweater is huge and comfy... the pants are a little tight though. I am probably going over to The Salvation Army to buy a pair of new ones.

This is my badge. I had to use my legal name, so that's why there is a conveniently place leopard print censor bar xD

Also, I am excited to be making this money. My cousin bought the Crystal White PS3 recently (Not sure if mentioned previously) and she also bought Sly Cooper: Theives in Time. We also got a year and 3 months of PlayStation Plus. It's awesome.

Valentine's Day happened last week. Though I hate the holiday with a freaking passion. I always tend to be sick on it. >__> My body is telling me to get a lover... but I spent it with my cousin and our PS3. Till our guy friends came over, with chocolate.
Excuse the awful skin, eyebrows, and face in general. I hate being sick. And I didn't get to shower that morning (though I took one the night before) so I put a small bouffant where my bangs normally are, and attached an extension to my ponytail. The orange shirt is my guy friend's (we bought it for him for a casual Yosuke Hanamura cosplay... like for Pajamas)... I kinda wish it didn't fit him xD I like the color on it.

I went to an anime con the weekend before V-Day. Kawa Kon 2013, which landed with Mardi Gras... so there were a bunch of drunken idiots around the hotel. I wish I would've gotten a picture of my rave outfit. It is a purple and black Lip Service dress with a zipper down the front.

Right here! I can't believe I found it on the first try on Google! I paired it with ripped fishnet and a pair of Ed Hardy shoes, so I could dance easier (and my zipper boots don't fit TT__TT)! My makeup was punk/goth, I had a huge thing of hair, and a raver mask. I looked really good! I will dress up in it and snap a few pictures at a later point in time. It is far, far too cold right now for a photoshoot in raver clothing.

I am currently looking at hairdryers (I need one since I no longer live at home with my parents) and other misc things that I actually don't own. I also will be going through my clothes and closet in the near future and trying to sell some stuff on eBay. I want a little extra money to buy more clothes (since I need to revolved my seasonal outfits anyway).

I also am in the middle of switching my style from general Gyaru-kei to Agejo and Rokku. I have looked at some cute stuff that I found adorbs and put them together on ( it's not quite photoshop, but it's 100x better than paint).
I have fallen for the look of these tights and shoes. The nails are fab as well. However, I fell immediately for the contacts and wigs. I am working on looking up Co-Ords for this style, which is similar to Ero-Kawa. But I love it so, so much! It is more MA*RS looking, but there are some d.i.a. elements as well.

I was playing with my PuriKura app (SBYCamera - HERE) It has a bunch of super cute stamps and rollers! The text is cute,too! This app is awesome!

Oops, bad quailty! Oh well. My guy friend bought the really cool brainwave controlled ears! The Necomimi ears! They are soooo cute! Too bad he didn't buy them in black... maybe I will just buy the black covers (the ears are interchangeable) and borrow them from him when I cosplay Ritsuka from Loveless! :D And I just realized, I post this on Facebook and he probably just read that... oh well.

Our -small- Persona 4 cosplays. Left to right: Our Yukiko Amagi, Yosuke Hanamura, Myself as Rise Kujikawa, and Em is Naoto Shirogane... oh and that's Ryotaro Dojima on the floor.

This is my work clothes. Aren't they boring. I am actually wearing a new headband (one of those spikey ones that all those 'creepy cute' bloggers wear... I actually think Sarah Mari has one, too...) I got mine for 1.98USD HERE. Free shipping!

I also managed to buy a new garterbelt, because mine went mysteriously missing before I left my parent's house >__>

It was 4.99 with free shipping. Again, on eBay: HERE.

It matches the stockings I bought recently as well. They are more punk/scene because I got them at a place called 'Cheap Trx' down on S. Grand in the city.
Super cute! <3 They are called the 'Leg Avenue Stars and Stripes Thigh Highs.' They can be found HERE in yellow. They do not have pink :(

I believe that is about it for now.

I love you guys!

Stay beautiful!

Nana Ren

Oh and before I forget: The song of the day....

This is Candle (Sick and Tired) by The White Tie Affair. This is one of my favorite songs by them.

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