Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh shoot! Life has been sooo hectic! D;

Hello lovlies!

Just an update on my everyday life! And there are some shocking surprises! :O


So It's nice to see you all again! Though you all must be super busy (I know I am)! School has been taxing (projects and papers for fiction class and reading for Gender Studies). So I have a ton of announcements and stuff!

In the last week of February (like the 25th), my guy friend asked me to be his girlfriend! And I said yes! He is probably one of the sweetest guys I know and he treats me like a freaking princess. :D He is so sweet.

My dad takes SUCH unflattering photos of me! We went to dinner with my dad (he took me, the beau, Em, and our friend, Risu).

I also bought some things! Mainly loungewear and roomwear! I don't have many pictures of them, but I DID buy a bunny hoodie (finally). It is pink and cream!

It was about 14USD on Ebay and it doesn't really fit my bust (it is only 92 CM and I am about 98-100CM).

This is my new hair color (blonde with pink underneath). This was makeup for March 15 (to the local anime club Seibun 25's meeting).

This is the outfit I wore with it (Lolita-esque). I had the dress and thought that it would all look good together. It looks pretty nice. I had to add a cardigan, since a "rule of lolita" is that dresses like that need to have your arms covered and I don't own a nice blouse.

This is sort of an 'Av/Agejo' outfit. It is a sad angle, but I will update on twitter with the actual outfit.

This is an outfit I threw together.I bought the shoes at GoodWill, the dress came from Rainbow (HERE), as did the belt, and the sweater is from JCPenney. The place we (Em and I) were housesitting didn't have any full length mirrors.

And this is me, casual and stuff. The orange shirt is my beau's (we bought it at good will and I wanted some pictures in it).

And recently, I got started on 'The Pill' to fix some hormonal and bodily issues. For more information on birth control, you should contact your local Planned Parenthood or head to the website (HERE). So far... the only thing the hormones have done is make me sick the first day (I had to take two the first day instead of one, because I didn't want to start a week later than the Sunday before). I thought I was going to die.

My stomach was sick and I felt so nauseous. It got better after an hour or so, but it really sucked. It has offically been a week since I started, and there had been nothing significantly different. Em got on the pill as well (to see if she preferred it to the shot). She hates it. I prefer it because the shot supposedly makes you gain a lot of weight. And I think it's true. Em expanded after getting on the shot... so... I just refuse to get the shot. Implants are out of the question. It would be weird. And I think I need a constant in my life to make sure I have things in order. So it works best for me.

So there is a bit of Nana's personal life in a nutshell. I am so sorry for not updating!

More to come soon lovelies! I plan to get some hime/himekaji outfits and some new agejo  and rokku outfits!

Stay beautiful,


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