Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Hey lovlies!

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks!

For those of you who didn't know, my birthday (I will be turning 19) is on the 4 May. Which is in 2 weeks and 3 days (or 17 days)!

I have been going crazy thinking about what I wanted for my birthday. But I have a list that has been on going.

Here are the things I really want for my birthday! A lot of it is punk/VK, but that is because I am sort of shifting back to the style... though I plan to keep some of the girlier aspects of gyaru with the style shift.

Okay, since they are numbered... I will start with number one.

1. A Liz Lisa styled dress. I have always loved Liz Lisa and the dress is feminine and awesome to wear dresses in the hot Missouri summers.

2. A pettiskirt. It reminds me of the MA*RS skirt I wanted but I couldn't afford. I would love a skirt like this, and it is only about 23 USD.

3. A black and white corset type shirt. I love tops like this. And they are comfortable in summer as well.

4. Thigh high socks. I always want thigh high socks. They are my very favorite.

5. It is a white studded belt. I have a rainbow one and a blue and black one... but I really would prefer a white and silver one, they match my wardrobe better.

6. This is a simple light sweater, but the thing that really catches my eye is the back where it is open and there is a D-ring with three leather/pleather straps on it. And it is pink with hearts on it.

7. Black and white tights for winter or the colder nights in summer. I have always wanted a pair of black and white tights like this.

8. Hatsune Miku bag. I have a little keychain of Miku that looks like that picture of her. I like Miku's style, personally. So... yeah. I need a new bag anyway.

9. A split tone wig from GLW. It is perfect for either Rokku gyaru or VK. And the colors are light brown and honey blonde.

10. A longer chocolate/burgundy wig from GLW.

11. A black/plum wig from GLW.

12. A hime-lolita dress from FanPlusFriend. This dress is so pretty. The only downside is that it is 210USD... but, it is a 7 piece set. And I have a photoshoot idea in my head for it that I want to make come true.

13. Shorts gartered to legwarmers with an overskirt. I think these look so good! I want a pair!

14. Red over skirt with leg belts and legwarmers.

15. Black and purple VK styled dress.

16. A black and red shirt for VK/Punk

17. A new hoodie from Lokisa. I wanted the pink, but they were sold out when I first bought my white one. I ended up giving my white one to my boyfriend. So, I want a pink one now.

18. A faux lip ring to earring. So Shinnichi from Nana.

19. Speaking of Shin from NANA. A Vivienne Westwood-esque Bas Relief orb! I had a Bas Relief Orb... buuuut it got lost somewhere! And I couldn't find it! So I want a new one! This time in silver!

20. MA*RS Bow Halter. It is so cute and plaid! <3

21. DreamV OP. In Ivory/Ivory Floral!

22. Diamond Lash in Glamorous Eye (Upper)

23.  Diamond Lash in Angel Eye (Upper)

24. Diamond Lash in Princess Eye (Lower)

25. DreamV Hime boots, in black or pink. They have cute lace and a bow!

26. DreamV Boots in WhiteA. They are pink ruffles with white bows.

27. Himena's Brand "Princess Melody" dress with the ruffles and bow. I have been in love with this dress since I saw it on Yuki's Blog and then again on Sui's Blog. It is positively so princess-y!

and Finally, 28. Which is a MA*RS-esque OP that is so cute! It is white and black. It fits the sexy of Agejo and is just lovely.

And then, since I am updating this blog, for the 3rd time this month, I have put in several applications at different places (and I am working on finding a clothing store, mainly).

I am currently awaiting Friday (19 April), which is the Day of Silence. I have not decided whether or not I am participating this year. I did it the entire four years of my high school career, but I am not in high school anymore. And it seems a little odd doing it this year. I am perhaps going to just wear the shirt I made last year that says 'No H8' on it and my pride wear.

24 April is my friend, Risu's, birthday. I am unsure what I want to get him (maybe some Axe or something useful). My school has also updated my records and I am now a Psychology major! I am planning on hitting the ground running this next semester, since I will have a better grip on what I need to do in college. I think that will be another post, though. "Nana's Guide to College!" Haha!

I love you all,

Stay beautiful!

Nana Ren

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