Monday, April 8, 2013

Life.... and registering for school!

Hey lovlies!

Just an update! I get to talk about school and stuff! And I have a few outfits in here!

Nice to see you all again! The weather here in St. Louis has been so nice! I was almost sweating today! I wore a pair of new shorts (which I got at Wal-Mart! :O) and a cute tank top. It's not really gyaru, but it was a comfy cute coord for today. I am actually sitting outside right now, chilling in the nice weather.

This is the outfit I wore (with panda converse). I got the shirt at a place called Rainbow (5$ clearence) and the shorts at WalMart (12.898USD).

I bought the pencil skirt on Amazon for about 6USD and the shirt I have had for a while. The shoes I got from DEB on Black Friday. It's a cute outfit.

And here is my boyfriend. He's into parkour and he climbed a giant rock thingy in the park. I love his smile! It's so pretty!

Here is Yoru, he decided he wanted to say hi and he laid on me. I pushed him off and he came back. Purring. He's such a sweetie.

I found this in the subdivision my parents live in. It's so cute! It's a heart <3 <3

This was part of a coord one day. I put waves in my hair and wore my bunny hoodie and a pair of jeans and my liz lisa looking top. It was cute. I am wearing the Geo Nudy Greens I got from Tokyo Wink.

This was the one day it snowed like... a foot. I stayed inside after a long walk. Had some tea, and went to bed. I hate snow. Almost as much as I hate thunderstorms.

And I register for school the 11th at 8 AM.

And I will leave with two things. First, I am no longer blonde, I have a redish-auburn hair color. I like it. I always thought I looked better with darker hair. And I do. I plan to be back to my dark brownish black color.

And finally....

I have been listening to this song nonstop! It's amazing. And the video is beautiful.

Stay Beautiful lovlies!


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