Friday, September 27, 2013

Cosplay and Other Updates

Hey there lovlies!

Wow! It's already the end of September!

Hey everyone, loyal followers, readers, fashionistas, etc!

Now, I know I said I would be posting 'Tropes v Women: Part 2' soon, but I thought I would update... that and my notes on the video disappeared when I reset my laptop! (Oops)

Why did I reset my laptop? Well, I wasn't connecting to the internet at home, and we reset the router like 5 times, shut down and restarted my computer, then we were like "Dammit, let's reset the bastard!" So we did. Then Em's boyfriend was like "Hey, idiots, the IP address isn't right." And he fixed it... after I reset the laptop. So I was like, "Well dammit! I lost my Kat pictures!"

You may remember me mentioning Kat in the 'Tropes v Women' post a month or so ago, she's from DmC: Devil May Cry. And I have like 95% of her cosplay now! I need to make her hemp necklace and pucca sell necklace. I need blue eyeliner and maybe some other makeup things, because I am not pleased with the way pencil liner looks for her thick makeup. Overall, for my first roundabout with making a costume (kinda) it went pretty well. Though I have to admit, I am not too, too fond of the way the hoodie turned out and I need better makeup skills before any conventions. But all in all, for a first attempt at making a cosplay, it was okay. I need to add the red stitching and make the hoodie look a little dirtier.

Boyfriend and I are happily reunited after months of being apart as of last month. It was amazing, being in his arms after three months of being apart from him. A few weeks ago >///< He told my dad that he was in love with me! I was so shocked! >///< And embarassed! No guy has ever told my dad that! >////<

So I will post some pictures of the cosplay.

This one was called 'Climb Higher.' The setting of the mini-shoot was the central fountain in the park by the house I am living in with Em and Em's mom. My hair color is actually now black (and I have to do the follow-up color today).

Boyfriend decided to follow my whim and be 'Not in a million years' Dante until we can figure out what the hell we are doing for his hair. Since boyfriend refuses to cut it, we either need to figure out a wig thing... or get a nicer white wig we can fit on his head.

This might be one of my favorites, titled after Avicii's 'Fade into Darkness,' I was going more for a more intimate meeting between Dante and Kat after she is brought back after Mission 15: The Trade. A stolen moment between Nephilim and Witch.

>///< Probably my favorite picture of this mini-shoot is this one, which is titled 'TimeBomb' after All-Time Low's song of the same name. I wanted a picture that was him and I kissing, and since I ship this pairing so hard (like I am talking I luxury cruise that thing); I wanted something sweet and kind of innocent. And it's sort of my own head canon that Kat and Dante are a little closer than they let on. Seriously, play the game, it's all there!

Along with Kat, I am going to be reopening my Misa Amane love. I am planning on rewatching Death Note and getting a dress out of my storage container that works as a Misa Amane dress. I miss that cosplay so badly. Rise Kujikawa is also still part of the game, too.

I plan on doing something like this outfit again, I have this awesome purple dress, and I plan on getting a lace monster for her final outfit. There are a few other cosplays I plan on doing, but they are either Kat, Misa, or Rise. Since they are the easiest for me (more Misa and Kat, since I only have extensions for Rise and my hair is no longer Chocolate Brown). I also might see what else I can do with my other wigs I have (fashions, etc).

That is it for now, Thanks lovlies!!

Nana Ren

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