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My big sister's wedding! I was the maid of honor! And the past 13 days.

Hey lovlies!

I thought I would post about my big sister's wedding!
Hi! So, I was the Maid of Honor (since we've known each other for about 10 years). Oh, I should probably explain, she's actually my best friend, not really my sister, but it doesn't make a difference to us.

This is from a few years ago, but the one of the left is my sister and I am the one in glasses. You know, in that picture we actually DO look like sisters. :)

But, I think I should give a background on how we met. We actually met through Ben, her now husband. Ben was friends with her from a different class earlier than his and my English class (this was back in sixth grade). Well, the way we met was more of, he introduced me and I sort of blew her off (I was so arrogant and stuck in myself I never really noticed anyone).

Then a little ways through the year, I was sitting at lunch one particular rainy day (I don't believe I posted "A significant moment at a lunch table" before so there link is HERE). Some girls were picking on me and we were sitting near each other at the table. But I chose to ignore them. Then when the bitchy "popular" girls left, Kim introduced herself. And she's been helping me with my depression and such. So... I owe her a lot. She's my best friend and I love her. These past few months haven't been too good for her (mainly because her mother wanted to control her and Kim wasn't having any of it). But she is so much happier now than I have ever seen her. I am happy to see her finally have everything she's ever wanted (except for that ranch and veterinary degree, right sis?)

I moved in 8th grade, right before my freshman year. But my parents would always find a way to get me to Oklahoma to see my big sister, because she and I were almost everything to each other. We have been each other's crutch. I have seen so much softball in summers that I would spend with her. I went to the lake with her all through middle school. Believe it or not, she's allergic to UV rays. Yes, the sun.

Now, we were tubing (on an innertube with the boat) and it was hot and the sun was bright. We used 120++ sunblock... almost every three hours. So, as we were coming in, we didn't notice... buut we were as red lobsters. We went home and sat in a cold bath full of baking soda in our cute bikinis... while we cried about how much it hurt....

This was at my graduation. This was a week after hers, then she came up to Saint Louis for mine. I had graduated and we were moving on to bigger and better things, her and I. Nothing could stop us (except her mother, my depression, and my aunt).

First off, this picture isn't mine, I stole it off Facebook from Kim's page. That's because I don't have pictures of Ben (that's be weird because he and I really lost touch after 8th grade, this could be a new beginning for a renewed friendship, I hope).

They look really happy, especially Kim, and that makes me, in turn, happy. I love when my family and friends are happy (especially Kim). She's been through hell with her family and her grandmother (may she rest in peace) dying this passed October and she deserves happiness.
Ben, too, has been through some shitty things (and it's good to see him get happiness he deserves).

Now, if I can remember the details correctly, Ben and I met in English class in 6th grade. The first day we got to pick our own seats I chose a seat in the far back, away from everyone. I was talking to a friend of mine (I think it was one of the girls in my little tiny circle of friends) about Tokyo Mew Mew (Mew Mew Power, whatever). And Ben was like "Oh you like Tokyo Mew Mew? I do, too." The rest is pretty much history. We were friends for a few years and drifted apart. Then I moved. And over email and MSN messenger (god that seems like so long ago!) we sort of argued a lot and we stopped being friends (and our friendship is still sort of rocky, but I would like to think it is getting better).

Seeing them together give me hope for my future (love life or not) because of how happy they are. And if Kim and Ben can make their lives so much better, then I can, too.
 Here are a few more pictures from the wedding:

Oh jesus. I look awful here D; I didn't MEAN to look at the camera, but I was just looking around. And my hair is only in a ponytail because I literally took 10 min to get ready. I was helping the bride all morning (being maid of honor!) so I was like "Triple barrel curler, ponytail, slap on that makeup ---> done." The dresses were pretty, considering the whole bust being too small for my chest, but oh well. I was SO happy by the end to put on my leggings, boots, and flannel orange top! SO comfy!

Here is the middle of there ceremony: Kim's dress was so beautiful. And Kim looked so beautiful. She's probably the most beautiful bride I have ever seen in my life. This also shows the other bridesmaids. The redhead is Paige (I never liked her...she was sort of a bully all through middle school to me, but whatever. I'm over it.), the girl with the AH-mazing teal hair is Amanda (Kim and I call her Manders), and then there is myself. I was almost in tears by the end of the ceremony.

This is me with the best man (Ben's brother, Brandon). I was looking down because I was in 5-6 inch heels. I haven't actually walked in heels in so long that I was like "Welp, I'ma fall and kill myself." But it turned out alright. xD

Here is the "family" photo. Truth is, not much of Kim's family came because of Kim's mother. Her grandfather walked her down the aisle. But Kim has a better family (consisting of her two brothers, Chris and Mike [who couldn't make it to the wedding], her sisters [Sister-in-laws: Kriste and Melita, and myself], her 'mom and dad:' Michele and Michele's husband, and her grandfather and her aunt Rhoda and cousin Alyana) than her mother. She has a better life now, too. Plus Ben's family. She's not lacking in love or family, because we all love her. :)

This was the picture of the lovely couple after everyone who was supposed to sign the marriage license signed it. Kimberly became Ben's wife legally.

And although the wedding was beautiful, the events leading up to it sucked. Wednesday (November 13th), I lost my dog of 10 years - Bella.
She died of congestive heart failure... and no one noticed it until it was too late. I got Bella when I turned 10 years old (so I guess it would be 9 and a half years, not 10 exactly). But, she was my baby. She recently was living with my aunt (whom I hadn't talked to for 5 months prior to this event) and my aunt's "boyfriend." Bella came to me at 5 and a half weeks old. She was a little shit. Literally, all she did was piss and poop ALL over the place. We potty trained her, taught her to (kinda) walk on a leash and loved her. She ate some (almost every meal) table scraps. She would cuddle up next to us, leaning completely into you, and watch TV. Bella, if you stopped petting her, would paw at you as if saying "hey! Don't stop! I want more attention!" She was such a good dog and I loved her more than anything. God, I loved that dog more than people (my uncle and boyfriend included). I loved her more than fashion and gyaru. And I definitely loved her more than life itself. For the past ten days, I have been getting better... but I miss her. Even now, as I type this, I am getting teary eyed because of the memories I have of my sweet Bella. My aunt is sending me her final paw print (something vets do before they... cremate the animal). The ashes belong to my uncle (I told him to spread them on the hiking trail we used to take Bella on). RIP Bella, April 2004 - November 2013.

Aside from the death of my beloved dog, my boyfriend broke up with me... due to all the arguments we were having. I don't blame him. We argued about everything.

And here I am, ten days after the wedding of my best friend, 13 days after the death of my dog, and 12 days after the break up with my boyfriend. I have recently gotten bad news of needing to send transcripts to the college I am going to... and my GPA from UMSL is so bad that I may not get financial aid... oh and I owe the other school money... so they won't release my grades until I pay them. My cousin, Em, is sick... and I am sitting alone in my room, typing a blog about the past thirteen days. I am so hoping that this will all turn around. I really miss school and want to go back. I want to take an English class... and psychology. I want to become a psychologist... but everything looks so grim right now. I guess that's what happens when you fail almost all your classes, huh?

Well, here's hoping to a brighter few days (at least). Have a happy Thanksgiving (unless you don't celebrate it)!

Nana Ren

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