Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 19 2013

Hey lovlies!

Just a general update. Also, warning for strong language.

I haven't updated much in the past month or so and I apologize for that. The past month has been really hard. I never really went through heartbreak or anything, but this last relationship really fucked me up. I haven't been happy in a month and I have been crying the entire time. Everyday for a month straight I have cried. But I just can't handle crying anymore.

I won't lie, it hurts. It hurts like a bitch. This was my longest, best, and healthiest relationship I have ever been in. And it hurts to know that I lost it because of several reasons. And you know, I will admit, it was sort of my fault. I kept arguing with my then boyfriend. Over everything. And in retrospect: I should've been a little less abrasive. I admit it, I was wrong. I was so in the wrong with that relationship and I regret it. I do.

I have reflected on the relationship I had with my, now ex, boyfriend. And I miss everything about the relationship. Despite the arguments, it was happy. And I'm not going to bullshit any of you readers, yes, I wanted to kill myself because the breakup came at literally the worst possible time (centered around the miserable even of my dog dying and the happiest time of my best friend's life). I have been having a rough time getting back to school, too. I owe my school a substantial amount of money to get my transcripts.

In the last few weeks, I have sold an ugly old toy and two pairs of shoes I don't wear anymore on eBay. And I bought my first piece of Japanese brand (a blue Tutuha dress). I will be taking pictures when I receive it. I also bought a few accessories.

:/ I happened to have somehow lost my spiked headband. So I bought a new one! In black, though it will probably blend in with my hair :/

These were sooo cute! I love these cute little earrings. I know they are soo cliche, but they are great. And I love the backing to it. It's easy to clean those.

I also bough a spongy bumpit. It comes with two. One for bangs and one for the whole head! It's so great because back-combing is really back for your hair.

This is a ivy-looking with rhinestones ear cuff. I love my star ear cuff and it's great.

I saw these and they sort of match the dress I recently purchased. And I believe that Tutuha actually sells little devil horns like this. And I have to admit, though I am in love with MA*RS and d.i.a, I do love how Tutuha looks.

This is an example of the extensions I bought. I bought the very bottom ones in black. I like how curly it is! So cute! They are 55 cm.

So this is a matching set Bracelet and Necklace. I love the Tutuha dangle chokers and such. I love it! The heart is so cute. And I really like how it looks like a collar.

And then, I got these. I love the holes and destroyed tights have always been my favorite.

And here is the dress itself! I bought it off the Gal/Gyaru Sales page on Facebook! And I haven't been into gyaru and gal in a long time, but I think I am going more VK/Punk/Gal than before. I sort of have the more "punk" look about me than gyaru. And I just prefer the look over the super sweet hime or the sexier 96 gal look.

But I do have my eyes on my next possible brand purchases.

Thanks for reading guys!


Also here are some songs/videos I have been obsessed with;

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