Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22 2013 (Not many picture's this post :/)

Hello Lovlies!

I'm doing soooo much better!

After the week I had, I actually had a much better weekend! I went to my dad's house (well, technically it's his friend/co-worker/boss's house)!

On Friday, I hung out with my 'anime club.' I say this in quotes because in reality we are a big group of friends that hang out on Fridays and happen to like anime and gaming and stuff. But we don't really do much. We did a Secret Santa... and the girl who had me didn't come so I didn't get a gift. (LAME!)

But then my dad came and got me (we had dinner at Panera) and we went to my friend Dan's apartment (he has a roommate who went to school with us... I guess a mutual friend, right?). We hung out and literally... we watched Family Guy on Netflix. All night... I found myself zoning out towards like the 10th or 11th episode and I sort of started entertaining myself in my head. M (his roomate) and their other roommate passed out while Dan and I were watching Netflix. But before that I was sort of amused by M and Dan's commentary. Those two are so ridiculous! Even now, I am giggling to myself because I'm thinking back to Friday night...

Then Saturday morning... I woke up... thanks to my ringtone (Face Down by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) blaring angrily beside the bed. I was like "Goddammit." So I looked at it, it was my dad calling and I missed the call. I texted him. And he agreed to pick me up at 11 (Since I had passed out at Dan and M's). When 11 came around, my uncle was late. Like always. So I was apologizing to Dan and M, "I am so sorry!! He's always late... I'll bitch at him about it later, promise. Thanks for letting me stay!"

Then My dad took me to go get new glasses ^.^ yay! I chose two ca-ute pink framed glasses. One pair reminds me of Bayonetta's glasses from her titular game Bayonetta.

This is Bayonetta. If you look at the side of her glasses that have a super cute stained glass/abstract look to them. So when I went to get my glasses, I knew I wanted wire/metal frames and in pink.

And here they are!!! The frames I am referring to are the thinner ones, there are little details that look like stained glass ^.^ And they are like a rose-gold/pink color. And the second frame are just a thing frame thicker sides (with a little rose detail on the sides).

This is how I looked on Friday. I showered quickly, sprayed some hairspray in my hair and scrunched it a bit. Applied my favorite Holika Holika BB cream because my skin has been so dry lately (Holika Holika Clearing BB Cream), my eyeshadow (Dolly Wink 01: Sweet Dolly), eyeliner (Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Espresso), and my setting powder (Revlon Nearly Naked in Fair).

This is from like last week or so. This is pretty much the same outfit I wore on Friday, except I chose to wear my cute black and pink yoga pants instead. I also put my hair halfway up in a "Misa Amane" hairstyle (Misa Amane hair). I'm holding my hoodie I got at kohls in my hand, too.

This is the Tutuha dress I ordered! I had yet to adjust the straps when I took this picture.

Ideally, I will own a pair of d.i.a jeans by either May. I also want a sweater from them as well.

Like this one. I like this one.

So... that's about it.

Thanks for reading!

Nana Ren

(P.s. I may change my name soon from Nana Ren to my SoundCloud name - Samantha Pink)

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