Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2 2014

Hello lovlies!

Happy New Year! May it be better and more fruitful than the last. And may you all find happiness.

...God that was corny.
It is another year, where I feel as though I accomplished nothing last year, and that is a little depressing. But... I looked at my list from last year and I realize I did complete a few things, not much... but a few. And that looks like a run-on sentence. Oh well, moving on.

I told myself to try harder. And in a sense I did. I went from 145-150 pounds down to my current plateau of 124-126. Which means I am only fluctuating 2 pounds a week, which is normal. So I am super proud of myself!

Starting in Feb/Mar 2013, I got a boyfriend. I remember posting about it. And he was great. I died my hair back to blonde in Feb/March. I even had pink in there.

This was a "ero-loli" look from around that time. I love how may hair looked that day.

Then May came around and I turned 19! Yay!

This is all I really have for around that time. This was taken at Forest Park when my ex decided to Parkour and ended up in a freaking fountain. Btw, he can't swim, so I was like running to get him out. It was terrifying.

This was sometime in Oklahoma. I think I took this outside the Planned Parenthood there. I had just bought that top (built in bra, woot!) and My face looks so clear here. And I am obsessed with how pretty my eyes are, too.

Unfortunately, I found out my parents were getting a divorce... though I have to admit I wasn't too shocked.

Then I came back from Oklahoma. I was reunited with my boyfriend at the time and I was happy. For the most part. Things were better.

I completed my Kat cosplay frim DmC: Devil May Cry in September. Which was amazing.

It looks a little unflattering, but it happens sometimes. I love the picture though. I love the hoodie, it is SO comfy!

I was bored and decided to play in makeup on Halloween. This is a cute and creepy look, I think. I love the way my eyes look and I wish I could do this look more often. But it is SO hard to pull off and SO time consuming.

My beautiful sister got married this year! She was so gorgeous and I love her so much! I love my sissy and big bro! I am so happy I got to be a part of their special day. And I am so, so privileged to be a part of their lives. I hope this coming year is so much better for them both than their last!

Thanksgiving was uneventful. I went with my dad and cousin to my dad's friend's house. The food was very... different (all basically from a box) than what I was used to (completely homemade except the cranberry sauces). But it was nice to see Katie Kookoo (my late Bella's baby sister). I even got to dog sit her for about 2 weeks!
 Then Black Friday came and I got a shitton of clothes! I will be posting outfits and stuff at a later date because I haven't had time to do it yet O_O
This is what I got a little after Christmas! A 3DS and POKEMON X!! ...And Taco Bell with a Baja Blast. Because I really like Taco Bell when I get new games. And yeah, that's my leg.

And here is my New Year's Eve outfit! I just got my tights in and that shirt I got at Wal-Mart (for 5USD)! I slashed the back myself though, I thought it would look cuter. Em gave me those shorts since they don't fit her anymore ^.^ Wait till you see the pants I traded for!

The last photo and this one, I apologize for the quality. I took it with my stupid phone. But this is the front, the slashes in the front were there by default but I loved the rock feel it had on it!

Another thing that happened to me this past year was that I got my very first TutuHA dress (which I will get pictures of soon)! I can't wait to wear it! I finally got the last accessories in the mail today! So YAY!

I am hoping that this year is better than last!

Samantha Pink <3

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