Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Update! 2014 Haul!

Hello lovlies!!!

This is an update!! Yay! Sorry I have been away so long!

I recently got my spring haul! <3

Okay so back in the last week of March, I ordered about 120USD worth of clothing from a site called DressLink and everything is so inexpensive and from the amount of wear I have been giving the clothes (not too much because the Missouri weather is CRAAAAZZYYY!): they are quite right for the price. Though, 35USD of the price was shipping (shipping from China is EXPENSIVE!!) and that leaves around 85USD for about 12 items!

Okay, so I have changed my spring style to something more princess-y and billowy! (Somewhat Mori meets hime meets onee). This is one skirt that I bought in the large spring order. It is a coffee and khaki maxi skirt that can be worn several ways (a dress and a skirt, mainly). And I got it in three colors.

Then I ordered it in a sky blue and a darker ocean blue! It is so pretty in person!

And here it is again! In Orange and a golden yellow!! Haha. I really fell for this one the hardest. It is so pretty and reminds me of summer and spring. I have been loving the Boho/Mori look and I love billow-y maxi skirts!

I bought this dress, a lacy and tulle dress with a back bow. It reminds me of an Onee meets Hime dress! The black one looked really weird on me, but the apricot/off-white one looked great (I just need a white or nude colored pushup bra to make it look right).

This is a pretty petal maxi skirt. It is made of the similar fabric as the maxis above and is very soft and sheer. Which is something I noticed about the other skirts. You need a pair of white shorts or tights.

I also got two pairs of thigh high/OTK socks. In Black and white.

I got a new phone! I got the Samsung Galaxy S4. In red. I am very happy that I finally got a new phone after my iPhone cracked.

O_O Oh... well... there it is. Jesus H. Christ. Look at that thing. I'm embarrassed! The left is my white iPhone 4S I have had for almost 3 years in December and the right is my new baby, the Galaxy S4. My iPhone is cracked and there is tape on it.

Another side-by-side comparison. >.>

Yeah the S4 is much thinner than the 4S. Comparing the phones:

The Galaxy S4 runs on the Android operating system in the new one 4.4 KitKat. The iPhone 4S runs on the current iOS 7.1.

The Galaxy runs on 4G LTE while the iPhone runs on 3G/4G. LTE just makes downloads and such much faster.

Talk time for Galaxy is 17 and 8 on the iPhone. The standby time (in days) is 12 for the Galaxy and 8.33 for the iPhone.

When it comes to  video recording: they both shoot in 1080p. Though the Galaxy has SloMo.

The back facing cameras have a whole 5 MP difference. The back facing camera on my Galaxy has 13 MP which is only three MP short of my Nikon s8200 camera I received on my 18th Birthday.

The Galaxy has an LED screen, whereas the iPhone does not.

Though the difference is that the memory for the Galaxy S4, an many Android products, can be upgraded via microSD card. So instead of the regular 16GB of memory I can have up to 80 GB of information on my phone, since the maximum SD card allowable in a Galaxy S4 is 64GB (128GB in the new Galaxy S5).

Also to protect my new phone, I purchased an OtterBox. OtterBox is a highly protective case and this is one of the lower models (at 50USD). My dad has had his OtterBox for over 4 years and that things has been through hell and back. I will eventually be buying a LifeProof case (which is water, shock, and dust proof) to protect my phone.

Before I go, I want to share a few more things I have purchased. This sundress, which I got at Ross, is one of my new favorite peices (it is almost exactly like my black one I love to wear). And was only 10 USD.

And This cute outfit, which I got most of at Ross that I wore to see Divergent with my boyfriend! The shirt is a cute Black and white fringe top that says "Wild at Heart" and a pair of cute white shorts!

Here we are in the apartment. He actually dressed in ALL grey (much like the Abnegation from the movie) and I was SUPPOSED to be Dauntless, like the main characters, but I ended up looking more like a Candor (whom wear all black and white).

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this update! More pictures coming soon! Promise!

Samantha <3

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