Thursday, July 31, 2014

28 July 2014: Style change and wishlist

Hello lovlies!

This is a list of things I want/am getting in the future for a style change. I have decided that Rokku/V-K is where I felt the most comfortable in my life.

This is the first on the list. It is a side zipper ruffe skirt (that has shorts underneath it). I would get it in like black or black and white. I think it is the perfect mix of Rokku and 'slutty' chic.

Another skirt/short but they have a suspender on them (which I would totally attach my stockings to). I am not sure what color I would get from these two. I am in love with the white and black though.

I've wanted a pair of these FOREVER. I think they are so cute and everything. And I am a cat lover... and they would look great with skirts and boots!

I really like this top. I am a big fan of corset lacing and the old school emo/punk/goth look mixed in with like gyaru and V-K fashion. Which is probably where most of my style will be getting its inspiration from.

Okay, these have two functions, wearing them regularly and then as a casual cosplay for Harley Quinn. And I have never owned a pair of split toned pants and I really want a pair (or two...or three).

And since black and pink are one of my favorite color combos, I decided I need to pick up this pair of shorts. I really am going to change my style for a 3rd or 4th time because of everything that has happened in the past few months.

I am head over heels for this skirt. It looks a lot like a SexPot skirt or something from Glavil. And I don't own many short skirts.

Okay, I have been lusting after these for weeks or months. I have wanted these since I lost more weight than I should have. I just love the punk-y feel of them. Distressed and it even has a Union Jack on it.

I wanted a pair of normal jeans to wear. Of course, to go with my style change, distressed jeans are the way to go :)

Guilty confession! I have always wanted a pair of distressed white skinny jeans!! That way I can wear them with boots and look pretentious and stuff xD That and I just thing I could rock them :D

A pair of cut-offs. Little known fact, I have an obsession when fall comes around that I love to do. Tights and leggings under shorts with sweaters and boots.

A Skater skirt in black. Just a basic item that can be utilized in different ways. And I  been wanting a general multiuse skirt like this for a while.

A tube dress. It looks very Rokku and is affordable (it is from the DreamV Rakuten site). You can also wear it with jeans :)

A very BoHo looking shirt but I am a huge fan of off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops. I think this would look great with a pair of leggings and boots.

It's a white tank top with a cool cross in the back. Which I would wear with a crop top underneath it.

Speaking of crop tops: this is one I want to wear under things. I have gotten a little more confident with my since I lost more weight.

This is a top I am dying to buy. I am a Zelda fan. And I love to do exactly this: Smash Pots... Get Rupees :D

This looks super comfy and I love baggy sweaters/long sleeve tops. It would be cute with the above mentioned skater skirt or even a pair of jeans (and of course, boots). Or yoga pants.

I have been wanting a pair of knee high boots like this for years. I just never got around to getting any. So when I get like money in the next few months, I will be buying a pair. To wear with you know, white skinny jeans and jeans in general.

A shorter pair for Fall, Spring and cold summer days. They go well with skirts and leggings.

I like chunky heels, you can wear them and run in them if need be. So I am wanting a pair to wear with jeans and such.

This is a vain purchase. The under side is red. Makes it look like a pair of Louboutins. (So this would be a splurge item I would wear on special occasions)

Sparkly, ankle strapped shoes. I love them. I love the powder blue but I would probably do black, for sake of being able to match things.

Creepers. I have wanted a pair since I was VERY much into V-K in middle and beginning of high school. Now they have a Hello Kitty pair. Worth it.

Now, into the beauty stuff. I have been looking at some makeup and wigs. This is a cute chocolate wig, it has length and volume. I like it a lot and in fall and winter, I tend to wear wigs instead of hats or with hats.

A chocolate wig combined with a light pink. I think it goes well with what my style is going to be like. I would wear this wig straight or low twintails... or even clipped up.

A voluminous wig in Milk Tea color. I love this color and I mean, I also love wavy/curly wigs as well. So I am looking at this one as well.

And this is casual cosplay wig for Harley. It would be pulled into Twintails.

Dollywink 01 Sweet Dolly. I have had this eyeshadow palette for two years and I love it. My ex-roommate stole it from me, though I got it back. It caused a huge issue because it IS 27USD. But it was broken when I got it back, so I need a new one.

I have had my eye on this Dollywink palette for a while. It is Dollywink 02 Pink Brown. It is like the one above but instead of a copper color, there is a light pink color.

I got this as a sample from I believe I got it the light copper color and I loved it to peices. I want to replace it because my sister had it.

This is something I want to try for myself. I heard that felt tips are easier to use for liquid liner. So I want to try my hand at it. Though I am a huge fan of the Maybelline Gel liner.

I have sampled these before, but I want a few just for the outer corners of my eyes, which is what I love to use them for.

THIS is the main thing I want to try this year. It's Benefit's They're Real! Gel liner. It's GEL LINER in a PEN! I want to try it because I am a HUGE advocate of gel liner. But the one I am using is the Maybelline that comes in a little pot.

My dream palette: The Urban Decay Naked3 Palette. It is in rose-brown hues, which looks great on green eyes (which I have). I love the colors in this palette. It is a little sweeter than the first two palettes.

Pink lenses. I have wanted pink lenses since I started Gyaru. I think they are absolutely gorgeous.

That's actually about it. I plan on hopefully getting a few of these items after school  starts. I love you all!


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