Monday, August 4, 2014

4 August 2014: Working things out

Hello, my lovelies!

This is a small update post, since you got a fuller update last week or so, and then a wishlist :)
Well, after a few weeks of going in-between depression, anger, and the occasional happiness... I have become motivated. Like more so than before. I have a few goals. Which isn't too bad. I can accomplish at least one of the big three.

Big Goal One:
  • Getting a job
    • I have heard back from H&M last week. I am super duper excited for it and I plan on making it a reality. I want to work in the fashion industry and this is a good way to go about it... until I can figure out EXACTLY want I want to do in the industry.
Big Goal Two:
  • Go back to school
    • I REALLY want that damn degree (no idea in what, but I think it will help down the road). I want to learn, and I mean, it keeps me from going insane. I am admitted to the college and am going there tomorrow, and hopefully the boys (Izumi and K) will be able to walk me through all this bullshit.
  Big Goal Three:
  • Working Out
    • I want to get thin again. And thinner than my thinnest. I want that 115 goal... or I will settle for like 124 slim and muscular. I am not picky about that. I just want my little body back.
Goal four:
  • Get an apartment
    • Okay, so I cannot STAND not having my own place! I have never been on my own (completely at least) and I seriously need it. I hate living with my dad. He is SUCH a pain in the ass. And he let his roommate bring her grandkids here for like a week and a half or two and JESUS I almost tried to kill them. No kids would be allowed in my place, except like a cat (which would be my kitty). 
Goal five:
  • When in school, pass classes with a minimum of a B average. No exceptions. Failure IS NOT an option anymore.
Goal six:
  • Counseling. 
    • Due to unfortunate circumstances (Kitty's stomach made her violently ill) I missed my appointment. But I am calling later today and I will be setting up another appointment.
Goal Seven:
  • Reset sleep schedule
    • I need to sleep better and even out my hours. It helps with acne, skin issues, intelligence, and weight. 
 That is basically it for now. I will post again in a few days when I have an update on my progress.

I love you all!


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