Friday, August 8, 2014

8 August 2014: 5 Seconds of Summer/Body Image "She's Looks So Perfect"

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So this is something I haven't done before, or maybe I have, but I am reviewing a music video. And discussing why I actually appreciate this video.
So the video in question is 5 Seconds of Summer's 'She Looks So Perfect.'

See when I heard the song, I was expecting some super pretty girl being courted by the band members. But actually, I was pleasantly surprised by what was there.

Okay, when I first heard the song, they sounded REALLY similar to One Direction (which I will admit I have a love of 'What Makes You Beautiful'). But unlike One Direction, they play their instruments (which is a nice change to the other boy bands right now, or in general). I did a little further research into their backgrounds, turns out they're Australian.

I actually really like their most popular song as of right now, "She Looks So Perfect." It's catchy and sounds similar to Boys Like Girls and kinda similar to All Time Low (two of my favorite Pop-Punk bands). And it is nice to hear Pop-Punk on the mainstream radio again, aside from Paramore which kind of went through the "we're pop-punk, nah we're pop (with Decode and some of their 'Brand New Eyes' era music), jk we're back to our roots" phase.

I digress.

I have a interesting habit of watching music videos on YouTube when I am not watching The Young Turks, Secular Talk, or the David Packman Show. And I was kinda looking for new music for my iPod and decided to go through the playlist on my local radio station's website. I came across 5 Seconds of Summer and I was like 'Let's give it a good listen, we'll decide from there.'

That's when I watched the video. And I was pleasantly surprised.

The video isn't a pretty girl and four hot guys. It's lots of people (young and old) of all different sizes and ethnicities! I was really happy to see this. There was a very large woman and a larger man (about the size of my ex, if not a little bigger) and girls my size, and guys my ex before my most current's size. They weren't in matching bras and panties, either, which is odd for music videos.

I liked this video because it showed that it really doesn't matter about your body shape or age. You're beautiful and can party in your panties if you want. I am still learning that. But, this video was great and showed several different body types with was really nice to see from a music video.

The song is mighty catchy too.

Here it is:

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