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5/2/2015: Happy New Year and Outlook/Gets

Hello Loves! It's been quite sometime.

I guess it is time to catch up with you all.

So in the last post, I posted about games. Which I mean, I just wanted to talk about games I was anticipating. Now. I will catch ya'll up on what has been going on in the past four months since 20 September 2014.

October 2014:

I got a new job! I work at a store called Love Culture where we sell juniors clothing (with only sizes SML, with the exception of a few items where XS and XL are offered). We also have accessories and shoes. I make bare minimum wage here and am currently looking for a second job.

I went to Halloween at my cousins (dressed in full gyaru).

This was my look.

Headband: eBay
Choker: eBay
Wig: eBay
Cross necklace: Buckle
Jeans: DIY
Top: Handmedown
I wore my GEO Angel Grey CLs.

And the best thing about my job is that if I wanted I could dress in full Gyaru and get away with it. With maybe the exception of Hime.

December 2014:

I skipped November because nothing of interest happened there. In December, I went shopping a lot (and there is still a few things I need to buy).

This is something I bought. It was a little gift sample of two Smashbox lipsticks in Rosy Pink and Fig. Rosy Pink is a pretty pink tone while Fig is a more fine color. I also bought the Naked3 dual ended eyeliner. I was then reminded why it is I rarely use pencil liner. Still not a fan. The with my points for the Sephora Beauty Insider program, I got a little sample rolelrball of MYNY by DKNY. Which if I feel up to it soon, I will be purchasing in full because the scent is lovely.

This was purchased when I bought my Aunt Di's Christmas present. It is a hat to wear when I cosplay a Female!Sho Minamimoto from The World Ends With You. I also got the wig and bandana in the mail with the bracelet. I am contemplating jeans or shorts right now.

I also bought a Shiny Umbreon hoodie. For cosplay purposes intentionally, but I wear it out and about because my sister still hasn't found my nice peacoat... that she lost... along with my shoes... all like... 15 pairs.

These are two new chokers I bought. I wear them almost every other day (since my wardrobe is either black or pink).

Crappy quality, but I bought two new pairs of flats recently as well. A pink pair and a black pair. The pink matches my choker and are super comfy (as are the black ones since I bought them at the same time, same brand and everything).

This is a look I decided I enjoyed. It's the scarf on the head and around the neck look. I think it looks cute. This was while I was waiting for my cousin at Noodles & Company when we went out to lunch together.

This is a dress I bought from work. It's just a very flattering black dress with 3/4 sleeves. I have taken a liking to wearing dresses to work since they are just a "I'm going to throw this on and I am dressed."

Another outfit I got for Christmas, along with the black dress. It is a deep teal-ish blue dress and a very soft vest made of like a throw blanket-like material with a hoodie. The dress has a very low back as well. I normally wear it with tights and boots. Another thing I like to wear with it is grey tights, a pair of black flats and my favorite grey beanie (since my roots are showing as I am growing my hair out).

This is how my most worn necklaces are organized. There is a lot of bronze-gold necklaces there and then my staple silver necklaces. The bronze-gold necklaces are pieces I bought from work that I really enjoyed. They are more 'tribal' type necklaces and are sort of my favorites to wear with my dresses.

An outfit I wore to work recently. I bought the shirt with the dresses and vest. It was just a simple outfit to wear to work.

Here I am all done up! I am wearing the exact outfit above. The necklaces are amazing! It's the choker above and Vincent Valentine's charm on his gun Cerberus. I am a total geek for Final Fantasy! My favorite ones being VII and XIII.

January 2015:
On NYE, my dad bought me vodka. It doesn't even taste like vodka!!

This is my most recent haul! I got three pairs of OTK socks. They were 3.95 each, which is great! I got them at work and I think for all of them I got them for like 12.06 from my job.

I also went to LUSH and repurchased the Ocean Salt face scrub, because since I lost it (it was stolen) my face has been misbehaving something awful.

After that I went to game stop and bought a new PlayStation Vita card and Final Fantasy X/X-2 (I wasn't going about the Final Fantasy lover in me).

And then I went to Sephora and Ulta. My manager, Jenni, recommended, because I was asking about liquid liners that were easy to use (I mastered gel before liquid), the Kat Von D Ink Liner. So I bought it and then at Ulta, I made a rash decision to buy Rimmel London's Lasting Finish lipstick (The one that was in collaboration with Kate Moss). They are both red shades and they are in the shades 01 and 11. 01 is more of a brighter red while 11 is a deep red that is absolutely wonderful with my complexion.

Here is a little Swatchy-Swatch of those two colors. Now, I believe 01 is on top and 11 is on the bottom. And when they said 'lasting finish' they meant it. It took like three days for these colors to come off (they stained my arm).

Here I am wearing 11. It is such a deep red. And I have fallen in love with red lipstick so badly that I don't think I will ever go back to pink... unless it is for the NARS Orgasm and Super Orgasm lipglosses. Those are perfection.

After my little shopping spree, I was walking to Starbuck (as pictured above) and I came across this Cadillac. It was baby pink and when I realized what it was (it was a Mary Kay car) I was like "OH MY GOD! TOTALLY A GOOD REASON TO WORK AT MARY KAY!"

I should have started with this, but I decided to put this at the end. My one year anniversay with my boyfriend was this past January (January 6th). We went to Sushi Ai in Downtown Clayton (it's an all you can eat sushi place) for dinner and then came home and watched a movie together.

Over all, the past few months have been better than I expected them to be. My boyfriend and I are looking to move in together in the next few months (my dad is planning on helping us) and I am already looking at places by my boyfriends school. Personally, I am shooting for Fall 2015 when he goes back to school.

I am also looking for another job to try and support my shopping habit (I like makeup and clothes and video games a lot).

I am planning to start blogging more, now that I am doing stuff more and more.
The next few things I plan on doing is a little fashion photoshoot (with the help of a few friends) and finally getting that yoga mat and toning my belly since I am super close to my goal weight (5 more pounds to go).

Sorry I have been away so long. But I am back (seriously) and I will be updating in the next few days. I am going to work an hour early tomorrow so I can try on clothes I will be buying for Valentine's Day.

Thanks guys,


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