Tuesday, May 26, 2015

26 May 2015: 21 years and life update

Hello, loves!

Feels like it is getting harder to update more and more often. Let's talk under the cut, kay?
Now, I love blogging. It's fun. I haven't been shopping much (I was out of work for like a month - can't shop if you have no money, right?). BUT I did turn 21 on 4 May.

It wasn't a giant bash, though that week I got drunk or went out almost every night. The night of my birthday, my family and I (my dad, my aunt, my cousin, her boyfriend and myself) went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. I got my first legal alcoholic drink - a strawberry daquiri. Then that night, my friend (S) and I went out. We were going to go out to a bar... but it was Monday (nothing fun is open on Mondays).

Tuesday was my intented celebration day. So a guy I've known since high school (Z), my ex Izu and Damion were supposed to chill with me... buuut that didn't happen quite as planned. So it was Izu, Z and I at the bar where Z bought me rum and coke for my birthday.

And then S came over Thursday (because I was leaving Friday morning to go to Tulsa to see my sister). It was actually a super great week.

My sister and I were reunited for a night for her graduation. It was definitely one of the best nights over the last couple weeks.

Here is my dad, sister and I after the commencement ceremony. I am hoping to take a few pictures in the near future of the outfit I wore. I called it 'slutty chic' because it was a crop top with short shorts and a pair of boots I stole back from my sister with a cardigan.

My sister and I. The purse is her's, since I was the designated purse holder for her. I am very proud of my big sister. She's great and I love how happy she was. It was great to see her so happy. And I can't wait to hear about her vet tech application.

I have a few outfits from the past few months (I have seriously been slacking on taking OOTD pictures).

This is one I really liked. It was after I got my bikini top I am wearing at Target. The grey shirt is one of the first ones I bought at my work. And this was something I wore when my roommate and I went out looking for apartments and stuff. I just piled my hair on my head and tossed on the clothes. Super comfy for errands.

An outfit I wore to hangout with my friends. I bought the 'cat' tights off eBay, the skirt is from DEB - which has gone out business, the tank is from Khols and the vest is also from DEB. It was a cute outfit and I loved it.

This is a close up of the makeup and hair. I did somewhat loose waves with a simple makeup. The necklace is from eBay and the nose ring I got at Trx on Grand - up the street from our normal hangout in Tower Grove Park.

An attempt at a somewhat Gyaru hairstyle. It was definitely took inspiration from Sujimori and Kurogal looks. I am still trying to perfect this look because I love to incorporate braids into my hairstyles.

This is the outfit I wore - a simple top I got at walmart and slashed the back of, a pair of short shorts I bought from my wotk with knee socks and my combat boots from Forever 21. This was def. one of my favorite looks that I may wear to work.

A close up of the hair and necklace around my neck. The choker is from eBay and to acheive the curls I have I used the Bedhead Curlipops 1" curling wand. I prefer curling wands to clamp irons because I can control the iron better. I got my sunglasses from my aunt when she was having a yard sale. My headphones are a 20$ pair of Sony over ear headphones I got at WalGreens.

This is what I looked like on my 21st birthday. This was on the way to Buffalo Wild Wings.

This was in my hair on my birthday. I decided that why not; I like having a birthday tiara. I got this one because it looks very much like a lotus. And it was like 12.50 USD at Icing.

And finally: an outfit I bought to wear out when I go dancing. My partner I normally go out with is 6'4... I am 5'4. There is a foot difference, so to make up for it I bought a pair of platforms at Forever 21 (they were 13.99 USD when they were marked 19.99USD). The jeans were the 10.95 promo jeans and the corset/busier was about 17.95USD at work. It was awesome all together.

That's all for now.

Love ya,


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