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31 March 2016 // Updates

Hello, loves!

Wow, it's been a while since I updated, but you see... I seem to have just fell off the earth again. Oops.

So, it's about April (again, I have been battling some depression from losing my retail job and job hunting). So, I have another month until I turn 22 (it's been a whole year already? wow!).

Let's see here...

So since I last updated with the talk about Stoya and James Deen's alleged rapes - Christmas has passed and so has New Years... and Valentine's Day.

I spent these holidays with my boyfriend and his family.

This was from Christmas at his mother's house. We fell asleep watching a movie with his family and that's pretty much how we fell asleep togther. It was a nice nap - we had stayed up late because he came in around 12 or 1 Christmas Eve.

This is what I got for Christmas from my dad. A white Xbox One. It is something I have been wanting for a few years and I finally got it. I bought Watch_Dogs and Thief for it! I like both of them but I enjoy Thief so much more than Watch_Dogs. It is so much fun!

Here is my collection of games. Xbox 360 games are at the top, in alphabetical order. Then 3DS games, then PS Vita games and finally Xbox One games (not Thief, I got that one for free). My next game is going to be the free game at the end of the month Sunset Overdrive because it looks absolutely ridiculous (much like Lollipop Chainsaw).

This is a picture from New Years, which I spent in KC with at my boyfriend's home. This was taken at a New Year's Eve party at his friend's house. He stole my snapback, so I decided to take a picture of us together.

An outfit I absolutely adore! It's a simple white sweater with a checkered skirt and tights. The big 'look at me' in this outfit are the piggie tails with the 4 pompoms on them. I absolutely love the pompoms! It was inspired in part by Sui (Outfit 1Outfit 2, and Outfit3). I need a set of black pompoms.

I have been rocking this hairstyle since sometime in January. I learned how to do it from HimeHimeStar's video tutorial on it (HimeHimeStar's Hair tutorial). It is so easy to do and having a curling wand really helps!

This was my christmas present from my boyfriend. It is a metal artwork that now sits on my dresser behind my Sailor Moon box set necklaces. It's Dante from DMC (the 3rd game since that is the outfit he wore in the 3rd game). I was so happy to get it! It is so gorgeous!

Here is a makeup test of my upcoming cosplay: Harley Quinn from the new Suicide Squad movie. I am aware her piggietails are a little lower than they should be. But it was the easiest for the wig and I like the style better. I need to get a red and a blue scrunchie for each pigtail and the wig will be finished.

Here it is almost finished (again, just need scrunchies). It turned out really well. This was my first time ever dying a wig! It was great!

I dyed a pair of high waisted short shorts to wear as a 'casual' Harley for in case I am at a convention on Sunday and I don't want to full on cosplay.

For Valentine's Day, I went to my boyfriend's. We spent time together. For our Valentine's Day date, we went to Chili's and ate a good dinner (I had my first ever mojito and it was pretty yummy). We then came home and watched American Horror Story.

When I came back, my cousin Em, her boyfriend Lewis and I went with our friends out to this amazing hiking trail and conservatory in Godfrey, IL. It was nice to get out of the house. It was a little hot because I decided to wear jeans (I mean, it was only 70 degrees and I learned my lesson when I was younger about not wearing long pants while hiking).

This was the giant rock wall that was where we were.

My Harley shorts came in shortly after that and I was pleasantly surprised with how they gave me a thigh gap and they weren't terribly uncomfortable. They are a little low in the back so I am trying to find underwear that work well with them.

For my March visit to KC, my boyfriend, his roommates and I went to Naka Kon in Overland Park, Kansas. I made a costume to match his LARPing costume. I think I did decently well with it.

This is my crafting room that I am making costumes and altering my clothing in. It is an additional room off the kitchen of the house. I am actually loving it. The shelf there is from Ikea (I accidentally went crashing through the back of it and scraped myself up pretty badly). And I decided to hang my costumes on the walls. The 'Love Culture' bag is Harley (her shirt is in KC because my boyfriend said he would put the lettering on it. And you can see my dystopian costume I wore to Naka Kon (which her name is Kenna Delacroix). Then what you can't see is my ren faire costume - an elf/nymph/mermaid inspired thing that I named Cerulis. I need to make a staff for her and find a new wig (since her wig became Harley).

This month is the month I need to seriously try hard to get another job. I have been filling applications out all the time, but I haven't gotten any call backs. I am going to be looking on Craigslist and just trying to find something.

I guess that is the whole update of the past few months. I haven't been doing much since December. But I am hoping to do a lot more later this month and into May. My birthday is coming up and I am hoping to do something fun for my 22nd birthday, though I will probably just go to KC and let my boyfriend throw me a party or something.


I actually ended up getting a job a few days after this was posted. I am now a Noodle Ambassador at Noodles and Company not too far from my house (about a 1.5 mile walk). More to come in the next post.

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